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3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee + Rabbit Coffee Review

health benefits of coffee

Coffee often gets a bad rap in the world of health and fitness, but the truth is coffee actually offers some really cool health benefits. 

Of course I’m not talking about sugar loaded lattes (make your own healthy version here), but when looking at black coffee, research shows quite a few health benefits. Many studies reveal that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases including diabetes, alzheimer’s, and even parkinson’s. And a good quality coffee (like the Rabbit Coffee I’ll share about below) comes loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health.

Check out the nutrition facts of a single cup of coffee: 

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA.
  • Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA.


Although this may not seem like a big deal, most people drink more than one cup per day. If you drink 3-4, these amounts add up quickly.

3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  1. Coffee drinkers show a 23-50% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Each daily cup of coffee links to a 7% lower risk (Check out the study here). Over 300 million people worldwide become diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, caused by elevated blood sugars and often leading to insulin resistance. But studies show that coffee drinkers carry a significantly reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes!
  2. Coffee may also lower the risk of liver cancer, (Check out the study here) or prevent damage to your liver. In addition to lowering cancer risks, studies show that coffee may protect against cirrhosis, a condition in which your liver becomes largely replaced by scar tissue.
  3. Finally, coffee helps you burn fat. (Check out the study here) It sounds crazy but it’s true. Coffee increases your metabolic rate and helps your body burn more fat and calories, even while you rest. Caffeine – found in almost every commercial fat burning supplement – is one of the very few natural substances that boosts fat burning. In fact, research shows that caffeine boosts the metabolic rate of an individual by anywhere from 3-11%. 


Bonus Coffee Facts

  • Caffeine makes the fat cells break down body fat, releasing them into the blood as free fatty acids and making them available as fuel (Read the study here).
  • Coffee improves memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general cognitive function (Read the study here).
  • Several studies show that coffee drinkers experience up to a 65% lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease (Read the study here).
  • Coffee drinkers carry a much lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. (Read the study here).
  • Women who drink 4 or more cups per day have a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed (Read the study here).


Now that you know about the health benefits of coffee, check out one of my newest coffee finds!

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you need to check this out!rabbit-beans

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co.– a craft coffee roasting company founded and based in West Palm Beach, FL. They dedicate themselves to seasonally hand selecting some of the world’s finest micro lot coffees. Furthermore, their roasters work tirelessly to develop the ideal roast profile for each of their single origin coffees.

In addition, each bean sees an artfully hand roasted process to celebrate peak sweetness. This also highlights the coffee’s most positive characteristics and creates a difference you can taste in all of their products!

Rabbit’s coffee beans come in 2oz single serving variety packs, 12oz bags and 5lb bags. They ethically source all of their coffee beans from the world’s most desirable regions. They do not blend or mix any of their beans and sell everything from one single origin. So this insures you will taste the most positive flavors of each bean.

They make their Organic Rabbit Cold Brew from their Fair Trade Organic single origin coffee beans. Once roasted, the beans get added to cold water in a wine barrel, where they steep in a refrigerated room for over 18 hours. After reaching ideal taste, the cold brew becomes infused with nitrogen and bottled, without adding any water or flavoring. This process makes Rabbit Cold Brew smooth and intensely rich, with a hint of natural sweetness and low acidity.rabbit-coffee-cold-brew

Additionally, their glass bottles each contain more than 40mg of caffeine per ounce. Sip their cold brew directly from the bottle, over ice, or make Rabbit Cold Brew your own special treat by adding flavoring, dairy, spirits or water. Personally, I enjoy a couple ounces of Rabbit Cold Brew added to my post workout shake — amazing flavor booster!   

You can also enjoy cold brew coffee both cold or hot, and you’ll find it contains very low acidity as compared to other coffees (including iced coffee). The coffee never gets exposed to heat during the brewing process! Rabbit Cold Brew is available in both 2oz and 8oz sizes. It must be kept refrigerated, as they do not include any additives or preservatives.

Finally, Rabbit makes their signature Jack Rabbit Energy with real cold brew coffee — the first of its kind! This all natural energy shot made with just 6 simple ingredients includes REAL coffee! Each 2oz caramel flavored shot contains 140mg caffeine, approximately as much caffeine found in 10-12 ounces of regular coffee. This perfect boost gets you energized and focused, without the jittery side effects of many energy drinks made of chemicals and additives.

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