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Can Moms Have Abs?

Can Moms Have Abs?

Dear Moms,

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Can moms have abs?

We dispel the age old myth that “having a baby wrecks your body,” and “once you have a baby, your body is never the same.” We also share how our bodies are now in even BETTER shape AFTER having our babies. 

  • The importance of NUTRITION! Think – simple ingredients you can pronounce, basic unprocessed foods. (Hint: the 2 P’s
  • Training with INTENSITY! Note: This will be different for everyone based on the condition and strength of your core. Before you begin abdominal training, make sure you click here to learn how to check yourself for diastasis recti. If you’re a new mom, make sure you educate yourself on the best diastasis recti healing exercises after having your baby. 

Motherhood is NOT the end of your FITNESS.  You CAN have ABS after having a baby!  

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-Natalie Jill & Kate 

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