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Day 5 of 25 Days of Fitness: From Mommy to Marathon

By Kate Horney If you have a New Years goal of completing an athletic event- be it a marathon, triathlon, or even your first 5k- here’s some inspiration from my friend Sarah that is sure to bring out athlete inside of you… For those reading the blog who might not know you, or your background, can you give us a little background on yourself—how did you get into the fitness industry, whe ...[Read More]

25 Days of Fitness: 10 Fitness Gifts (for Women) for Under $50

By Kate Horney 10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50! If you want to give a gift that is sure not to collect dust the rest of the year, fitness gifts are where it’s at!  Whether you’re wrapping up some Christmas shopping for the fitness buff on your list or wondering how you’ll tackle your own 2013 exercise resolutions (gift: to me, from me?)… You can’t go wrong with o ...[Read More]

Day 3 of 25 Days of Fitness: Diapers and Dumbbells

By Kate Horney One of OUR goals for our 25 days of fitness blog series is to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE you to reach YOUR goals. Fat loss education, recipes, and workouts are great… but sometimes there’s nothing more inspiring than meeting a REAL LIFE woman who you can relate to. That’s why I’m excited for you to meet my friend- a fit mom & fitness professional- Emily Saunde ...[Read More]

Day 2 of 25 Days of Fitness: Increase your Metabolism with Hybrids

By Kate Horney Weight training is more important than aerobic training because unlike aerobic training, weight training not only provides cardiovascular health benefits, but it ALSO provides strength and muscular development benefits. Increased muscle = increased metabolism…so in any workout, increasing or preserving our muscle is key to fat loss. If you’re an Abs by Christmas Challenge memb ...[Read More]

25 Days of Fitness: Spinach, Mushroom & Feta Crust-less Quiche

By Jennifer Pittman It happens every year about this time.  The air gets nippier, the days get shorter and your jeans start getting tighter. If you missed your chance to join our Abs by Christmas Challenge but still want in on some healthy holiday fat loss action… we’ve got you covered! From now through December 25th the BeyondFit team will be bringing you some of our BEST fat loss tips, tricks, i ...[Read More]

Winter Workout: Total Body Fat Burn

By Blair Lindler Although it’s getting colder out and we’re beginning to wear more layers and pack away our swimsuits… This is the most important time of the year when it comes to staying focused on your workouts. Why? The holidays are one major component – all the eating/feasting are a sure-fire way to pack on inches quick. What you do during these months is what you see when it’s biki ...[Read More]

Real Women. Real Results: Beth R.

By Kate Horney Feeling joyful is what this season is all about! This includes the joy that comes from finally figuring out how to make the fat-loss lifestyle work for you, even during the hustle, bustle and stress of the holidays! Instead of letting the holidays take over our schedules and our waist-bands (hello, feasting season!) – we’re taking a different approach together. Here̵ ...[Read More]

Easy Baked Spaghetti Squash

By Kira O’Donnell Hey pasta lovers… This one is for you! 🙂 I have had a lot of Bikini Boot Campers asking me about my spaghetti squash. I cook up a squash at the start of every week because it is easy and makes a lot. You will not even believe how easy and versatile it can be, not to mention loaded with nutrients and fat loss friendly. For those of you who don’t know, this is what one ...[Read More]

FREE Holiday Fat Loss Webinar!

By Kate Horney Mark your calendars for free “holiday fat loss” learning!  Heather Dubé, co-creator of e3 Energy Evolved, a system to naturally rebalance health, change your body & live the fat loss lifestyle will be joining me for our next Holiday Fat Loss Webinar in the “Abs By Christmas” series. With over 40 years combined experience, Heather and Damian Dubé have educ ...[Read More]

Focus: Train Your Brain

By Kira O’Donnell Last time we were together you figured out what your purpose is and wrote out your goals. If you haven’t done that yet, click here before reading on. So now what? I know why and what I want to achieve. But HOW do I do it? Today I am going to share some visualization techniques I have learned that will help you turn your conscious thoughts into your unconscious thoughts ...[Read More]