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Peanut Butter Hummus

By Kate Horney From Snicker-doodle to caramel apple and (gasp!) chocolate chip cookie dough, any seasoned pinterester knows that “dessert hummus” is all the rage on healthy eating pinboards. But a “healthy” recipe is not necessarily a fat loss recipe.  Foods can be healthy (with lots of fiber, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even “natural” sugars) but can do nothing to burn fat… and may even sta ...[Read More]

Go For the Gold!

By Blair Lindler There’s something about the Olympics… And in every set of games, there is at least one stand out Olympian. In Athens and Beijing, it was largely Michael Phelps. He was the star that seemingly everyone couldn’t stop talking about. But this year in London, we’ve had several athletes that have stood out for their amazing abilities and personalities. Ryan Lochte—the swimmer who ...[Read More]

Chicken Bruschetta

By Blair Lindler So the other weekend, my house-mate and I were brainstorming what we wanted to cook for dinner.  We were hungry.  Our tomato plant had just produced a handful of small tomatoes, so we wanted to use those.  I wanted chicken. We decided on Italian.  But we just couldn’t seem to find a recipe we liked.  So we decided to make it up as we went!  And that, my friends, is how we came to ...[Read More]

The Affects of Alcohol on Female Fat Loss

By Jennifer Pittman It’s summertime; the season of BBQs, pools, the beach, friends, fireworks, vacations, parties, BEER, WINE, and MARGARITAS! Oh my!     While I for one love a nice glass of pinot noir with dinner or a tall margarita beachside, it’s important as female fat loss practitioners to understand how alcohol affects our metabolism’s ability to burn fat. After all, sustainable an ...[Read More]

7 Days of Fat Loss: 1 Key Distinction

By Kate Horney  For the past week we’ve been celebrating the kickoff of Bikini Boot Camp by bringing you 7 days worth of our BEST fat loss tips and tricks.  From tush toning to fat loss power foods, we’ve strategically designed these posts to give you the practical tools you need to reach your goals, create lasting body change, and live the fat loss lifestyle. If there’s only one thing you remembe ...[Read More]

7 Days of Fat Loss: 2 Training Tips to Beat Belly Bulge

By Kate Horney It’s almost August and let’s face it, swimsuit season is in full force. Maybe you meant to start getting in shape sooner (like back in January) but it didn’t happen.  So now you’re wondering how to get that flat midsection- and fast… When it comes to getting rid of the belly bulge, crunches aren’t the answer.  Our friends, the leading fat loss experts a ...[Read More]

7 Days of Fat Loss: 3 Moves for a Toned Tush

By Jennifer Pittman We’re just 3 days out from the kickoff of Bikini Boot Camp, and for Day 3 of our Fat Loss countdown, we’re bringing you some toned tush tips… No, ladies…Booty Pop panties are not the way to a toned looking tush (if you haven’t heard of this product, Google it for a good laugh). 🙂 If you want that lifted and toned bootie, you’ve got to do WORK! Gulp! Gasp! Sigh ...[Read More]

7 Days of Fat Loss: 4 Ways to Track Results

By Blair Lindler Our society is obsessed with the concept of results.  But more specifically, instant results.  So when we aren’t meeting our goals in a snap, we often get frustrated and are tempted to throw our hands up and quit the cause.  But you have to keep reminding yourself – it takes time.  And that’s why it’s so important to celebrate all the small bits of progress you achieve!  So we’ve ...[Read More]

7 Days of Fat Loss: 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Salads

By Jennifer Pittman The countdown to Bikini Boot Camp continues… only 5 days left! There it is. Your daily lunchtime salad consisting of the “same-old-same-old”…probably something along the lines of salad greens, tomato and cucumber. BORING! While salads are a super important part of living a fat-loss lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that they have to be hum-drum to eat. You’ve got to get creative ...[Read More]

6 Hormones You Need to Know

6 Hormones You Need to Know

By Kate Horney Most of us have come to understand that fat loss and a change in body composition requires physical activity and a modification of our diets.  “Move more, eat less” is a popular mantra among women trying to get in shape, but this approach is incomplete.  The missing piece of the puzzle is the hormonal changes required for sustained, healthy fat loss. Ultimately, to burn fa ...[Read More]