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3 Tips to Improve Your Workout

By Kate Horney Every busy woman wants to know… what’s the BEST workout for fat loss? 3 tips to improve your workouts & start getting the results you want: 1) Join a group (SUPPORT) Unless you’re brand new to working out, the days of individual training are out.  Group training- whether locally or online- is much less expensive and allows you to have the accountability an ...[Read More]

Success Story: Doctors are Shocked!

I love this story from Nutrition Coaching client & now Bikini Boot Camper, Jane Grubb. When Jane (a grandma of 14 grandchildren!) and I started working together last year, she had high blood pressure, was overweight, tired, on countless medications, and was ready to make a change. As she puts it, she was eating nothing but salads and protein shakes and was desperately trying to lose weight- bu ...[Read More]