Beyond Baby: Fat Loss Coaching for Moms

Finally, an expert fat loss program exclusively for moms!

Fat Loss Coaching for Moms



Fat loss coaching exclusively for busy moms. Completely transform your body with personal attention from a fitness professional and busy mom just like YOU! Are you in?

I have coached dozens of women through life-changing body transformations. But it wasn’t until I became a busy mom myself that I realized the need for a fat loss program designed specifically for busy moms…

Work alongside me- a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and NEW MOM as I shed my very own baby weight and share MY personal tips & tricks in this premiere online training & nutrition program designed exclusively for MOMS!

“I know it sounds cheesy but its true! Having a baby is hard, being a new mom is hard. Fitness was always important to me but I was having trouble finding my way back after having my little one. I didn’t have hours to spend at a gym or hitting the pavement and I was nervous about leaving a young baby in a gym nursery. BB gave me the tools to help me get my workouts in and get my body back and save my sanity the days I needed it most! The program is 12 weeks but the changes I made were for life and that’s the difference that matters most to me.” -Erika Nicholson, Beyond Baby Mom

I am taking the science of the experts and making it work for you- the busy moms…



Beyond Baby is built around a single concept: Easy fat loss that’s sustainable!

I break everything down into simple, easy to follow steps- all you do is eat (I’ll even give you some of my favorite quick & easy recipes) and get in a few signature Beyond Baby Fat Burning Circuit workouts a week (only 20-30 minutes each!) and watch your post baby body reshape right before your eyes…





Our real life approach combines exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce on their own. Better yet, you’ll leave this program knowing how to live the fat loss lifestyle and end the weight loss yo-yoing for good!