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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitness

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitness

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fitness Happy SALE Day! If you haven’t shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for fitness and activewear deals, you’re missing out!   Keep reading for some of my favorite athleisure pieces for your fall and winter workouts (or trips to the grocery store).  There’s never been a better time to get some amazing fitness finds at fabulous prices. A ...[Read More]

Meal Delivery Service: How to Choose the One For You

meal delivery service, ionutrition

What’s for dinner?  For busy moms, this question comes up on a daily basis. It’s great when you have time to search Pinterest for healthy recipes and get creative in the kitchen, but when time is short and you’re in a rush (or don’t feel like dragging the kids to the grocery store) it’s nice to have quick, easy and healthy options on hand.   That’s one reason why the meal delivery servic ...[Read More]

Health Benefits of Bananas for Kids

health benefits of bananas for kids, banana recipes, kidzshake, protein for kids

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…but what about bananas? Bananas are a highly nutritious, energy packed fruit, so including bananas in your children’s diet will help you to provide them many beneficial nutrients.     Bananas contain lots of nutrients including: manganese vitamin B6 vitamin C fiber Potassium Iron vitamin A biotin   In addition, here are some surprising health ben ...[Read More]

Amazon Prime Day 2017

amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day, which is Amazon’s biggest sale ever, is happening right now!     As a busy mom who loves any chance to shop online, in my PJs (MUCH better than dragging two little boys to the store…) I am so excited!   Take advantage of the sales today and check out some of the normally expensive fitness gear with marked down prices, and be sure to add these favor ...[Read More]

3 Healthy Chocolate Snacks for Kids

healthy chocolate snacks for kids, protein for kids, kidzshake

Both of the BeyondFit Kids love chocolate. (They get their sweet tooth from their mama!) And while I see nothing wrong with giving them the “real thing” occasionally, two hyped up preschoolers running on a sugar high is not something we want to deal with on a daily basis. That’s why I love KidzShake! I especially love their Chocolate Cream flavor because I can make healthy chocolate snacks th ...[Read More]

Healthy Gas Station Snacks for Your Road Trip

healthy gas station snacks, healthy road trip snacks

Local gas stations and convenience stores are often known for their junk food. Stocked with chips, pretzels, cookies, candy, and other diet-wrecking snacks. But the truth is that traveling doesn’t have to be the death of your diet.    If you’re on the road and desperate for some fuel, here are some healthy gas station snacks for your road trip! This post contains affiliate links because ...[Read More]

Personal Training: How to Start a Boot Camp

how to start a boot camp, how to be a personal trainer

Fitness experts all across the country have realized that starting a boot camp is an excellent way to add a revenue stream and to help more people with their fitness business.   BeyondFit’s Boot Camps are perfect examples of this.     I’ll share more about that at the end, but first…   Here’s why and how you can use Boot Camps to Maximize your Profit: Starting a boot camp is qu ...[Read More]

How to Become a Personal Trainer

how to become a personal trainer, become a personal trainer, fitness business, fitness coach

By Kate Horney   How to Become a Personal Trainer   With more than 6 million people working out with personal trainers, it’s safe to say that the fitness industry is growing. In fact, the fitness industry is expected to grow more than 16% from 2015 to 2020! If you’re someone who has an interest in health and fitness, there’s never been a better time to turn your passion into a career. Th ...[Read More]

Why Women Need a Multivitamin

women need a multivitamin, women's multivitamin, pescience trumulti women, women's supplements

By Kate Horney   As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m naturally fairly cautious when it comes to supplements.   I’d rather fuel my body with whole foods and save that extra money – let’s be honest: supplements can be EXPENSIVE. When it comes to the best supplements for women, NOTHING replaces the big rocks: Training Nutrition Balanced Metabolic Hormones   But with that sai ...[Read More]

Becoming a BeyondFit Personal Trainer

Becoming a BeyondFit Personal Trainer

By Kate Horney   Dear Personal Trainer (current or aspiring), I’m passionate about helping women who are trying to make a change but I can only do so much on my own. I want to give you, a current or aspiring personal trainer who is passionate about making an impact, the tools you need to change lives.   But first, a little about me. I’m Kate Horney, professional fat-loss expert wit ...[Read More]