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My Birth Story

By Kate Horney   You asked, so here it is…my birth story!     The Friday morning before I went into labor I attended Bikini Boot Camp as usual. Coach Jen gave us a great workout with squats, sprints, and lots of full body exercises with heavy weights. Aside from the crazy pelvic pressure that began the week prior, I felt great. As I said before, making the choice to stay active thro ...[Read More]

Kill That Craving

By Blair Lindler Where are my sugar junkies? I know you’re out there… Don’t worry, I’m not taking attendance.  I’m only asking for you to take ownership of one of your weaknesses (if you have it) and admit it to yourself.  You know the first step to breaking a habit? Admitting it.  Even if it’s just to yourself. Sugar is one of the more “addictive” substances that we consume – both deliberately an ...[Read More]

Top 4 Pregnancy Exercises

By Jennifer Pittman The word is out! I’m 11 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it! 🙂 If you’re reading this thinking, “how could she be “loving” every minute of her 1st trimester with all the sickness, fatigue, hormonal ups and downs, etc…”, you’re not the only one. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately asking how I’m able to stay so vibrant and energetic during my 1st trimester. Then ...[Read More]

Blair’s 5 Favorite Ways to Lower Stress

By Blair Lindler   I am a control freak. I have a planner in my purse, a wall calendar in my room, a mini calendar on my cork board at work, a watch perpetually on my left wrist, and all my wake-up alarms for the week are preset on my phone. I have dates, highlights, reminders, appointments, due dates, events, and obligations scribbled down on their appropriate day with their appropriate symb ...[Read More]

Flour Power: Baking with Coconut and Almond Flours

By Jennifer Pittman If you’re living a gluten free and/or fat-loss lifestyle, baking with different flours not only expands your pantry options, but can make your weekly menus much more interesting and, well, YUMMY! 🙂 For our purposes here at BeyondFit, we are looking for foods that will boost our fat burning potential while keeping the hormonal response to our foods at a healthy level for optimum ...[Read More]

Lazy Fajitas and Guac

Lazy Fajitas and Guac

By Blair Lindler   One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to food is Mexican food. I love it. I love going to our local Mexican restaurant and savoring every bite. However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it isn’t exactly on the “good list” for eating right or following a fat-loss lifestyle. So when I get the hankering for some Mexican, I have this one go-to dish. I love this dish b ...[Read More]

4 Reasons I Don’t Support the hCG Diet

By Kate Horney Just the other day, one of our Bikini Boot Campers posted on Facebook that she was watching an afternoon talk show and the topic was hormones.  Suzanne Somers and a personal trainer were guests on the show, and a question was asked by someone in the audience relating to a diet of 500 calories/day.  Our Bikini Boot Camper posted- “What? Are you kidding me? They are in serious need of ...[Read More]

4 Dynamite Dynamic Warm-Ups

By Jennifer Pittman Here at Beyond Fit we love to start our Bikini Bootcamp workouts with a solid dynamic warm-up. But, what exactly constitutes a dynamic warm-up? Dynamic warm-ups consist of movements that prepare your body for the movements you are going complete in your workout… For instance, if you are going to incorporate a lunge and fly movement in your workout, you may want to warm-up ...[Read More]

Pregnancy: How to Make the Bad Stuff Better

By Kate Horney I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and I still feel great.  I can’t wait for the arrival of our first son, but I have to tell you- the last 9 months really haven’t been so bad.  Even my WORST pregnancy “symptoms” certainly haven’t lived up to the “Pregnancy Horror Stories” told by many… I attribute much of my enjoyable pregnancy to the fact that I’ve been able to stay active.  I know that ...[Read More]

The No Gym Needed Workout

By Blair Lindler My name is Blair, I prioritize fitness and my health, I coach others with their fitness/health, and I have a confession to make: I do not have a gym membership. I think I may have heard an audible gasp?  Well, let me explain. The first reason why I do not have a gym membership: financial restrictions. I know there are at least a few readers out there who can understand this reason ...[Read More]