Fitness Competition Recap

By Kate Horney   I can’t believe last weekend was our big fitness competition.   I’ve gotten lots of questions about how I prepared for the fitness competition, so here’s a recap.   Even if you’re… View Post

1 Week Out- Bikini Competition Peak Week

By Kate Horney  The time has come… It’s bikini competition peak week!   But first… catch up on any of the posts you’ve missed: How I set up my Bikini Competition Diet:  7 Weeks Out How… View Post

2 Weeks Out- Bikini Competition- 7 Tips for When You’re Craving Sweets & Carbs

By Kate Horney   Wow.  I can’t believe I’m just 2 weeks out from my bikini competition.  If you’ve been following along, I’ve been sharing lots of behind on the scenes on IG + snapchat (@beyondfitmom) and through my… View Post

5 Weeks Out- Bikini Competition Prep Schedule

By Kate Horney   I’m 5 weeks out from my bikini competition and things are going well!  I’ve been sharing lots of behind on the scenes on IG and snapchat (@beyondfitmom) but I’ve been getting lots… View Post

6 Weeks Out – Bikini Competition Workouts

When it comes to bikini competition workouts, if you’re focusing on the right type of training all year long, you won’t have to change much when it’s time to “prep”. My focus for this competition… View Post