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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: Tips & Tricks

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Avoiding holiday weight gain may seem like a Christmas miracle, but with just a few simple and smart strategies in place, you really CAN avoid packing on the extra pounds this holiday season! Don’t get me wrong, I believe the holidays should be celebrated. Everything–including holiday indulgences–can be enjoyed in moderation. But if you’re looking for some simple ways to manage th ...[Read More]

Coffee with Kate: Answers to ALL Your Questions About Some of My Favorite Things

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  Thank you for getting back to me with questions for the second edition of “Coffee with Kate!” I always love chatting with you ladies. Furthermore, I’m thrilled to connect with you more deeply and answer some of the questions that are on your minds. Submit more questions for our next coffee date via email with the subject line “Coffee with Kate!”   Coffee with Kate: Quest ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: Are You a Diet Perfectionist?

ditch the diet, diet perfectionist, fit moms

Are you a diet perfectionist?   I work with women all the time who struggle with this area of perfectionism.  As a “recovering” diet perfectionist, this struggle is near and dear to my heart.   Generally, a diet perfectionist sees great results and feels completely in control for a few weeks or months. And then…the real struggle starts. Whether it’s a stressful job, big life ch ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: 5 Simple Strategies for Reframing Your Food Mindset

ditch the diet, fit moms, food mindset

In this post, we talked about distorted thinking patterns and signs you may need to think about reframing your food mindset.  The challenge is to address negative or unhelpful thoughts by reframing them into positive and more realistic ways of thinking about food. But this often proves much easier said than done. Even if you recognize your distorted thinking about food, many women find i ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: 9 Signs You Need to Re-Think Your Thinking About Food

ditch the diet, healthier relationship with food, fit moms

Developing a healthy relationship with food goes far beyond what you’re putting on your plate.   For many women, nutrition struggles begin before they even take a bite. Your thoughts about food impact your relationship with food, so part of finding food freedom means fixing your food mindset. Today we’ll take some time to develop awareness of your thoughts without judgement. Recognizing how y ...[Read More]

Holiday Gift Guides from BeyondFit

Holiday Gift Guides from BeyondFit

Get your all inclusive holiday gift guides from BeyondFit! From gifts for men, women and children to hostess and home gifts and everything in between–we’ve got everything you need! No need to slog through the hustle and bustle of busy holiday traffic and crazy Christmas lines in all the stores! Click through to the full holiday gift guides where you’ll find everything you ne ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: How to Know If You’re Hungry

ditch the diet, hunger, fit moms

Hunger, a natural biological cue, lets you know your body needs fuel. Often, when women diet chronically, they continue to deny their biological hunger. Over time, they experience a compensatory biological reaction and lose the ability to determine if they’re hungry. If you don’t respond to hunger knocking on your internal door, eventually it will stop knocking! When hunger stops “ ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: 4 Reasons I Have No Forbidden Foods

ditch the diet, forbidden foods, fat loss for moms

Everyone struggles sometimes with the foods they eat, the fitness goals they set for themselves, the balance they try to achieve to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  But some of us struggle every day, every moment even, with food playing a huge stressor role in our lives. Honestly answer the following questions to determine if you need food freedom: Do you tell yourself that you can’t or shouldn ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: Why Don’t Diets Work? 2 Reasons to Avoid the “All-or-Nothing” Approach

Fat loss for moms, fit moms, ditch the diet

Why don’t diets work? Let me paint you a mental picture… Every day millions of women wake up and vow to “get back on track” with their diets.   They start the day with a healthy breakfast and the motivation to “stick to the plan.” Their “food rules” tell them that carbs are “bad” so they decide to be “good” and order a salad for lunch. But as the day goes on, stress increases and ...[Read More]

Ditch the Diet: 7 Signs You Need a Healthier Relationship with Food

ditch the diet, fit moms, fat loss for moms

When did the fitness industry hijack dieting and turn what were once well-intentioned pursuits of health and well-being into a prison that many women feel they can never escape? With nearly $60 BILLION in sales each year, many so-called “experts” in the diet industry have traded their love for people in exchange for a love for profit. Instead of helping women learn to develop a he ...[Read More]