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How to Flatten Your Stomach: Nutrition

How to Flatten Your Stomach: Nutrition

There’s no “one size fits all” method to flatten your stomach. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope! I work daily with moms who are amazed at how much progress they can make on beating belly fat and getting flat abs fast. How do they do it? Once you figure out your tummy trouble type, you can develop a plan to beat the belly fat and flatten your stomach once and for a ...[Read More]

{Healthy Snack Ideas} Chips & Salsa

By Kira O’Donnell   This one is for all of my Mexican food lovers! Next to pizza, Mexican is my favorite kind of food. There are plenty of ways to make healthier decisions when it comes to eating out at Mexican restaurants and even when preparing it at home but one of my weaknesses is the chips and salsa. I recently had an overabundance of fresh veggies in the house (thanks to great frie ...[Read More]

Fit Pregnancy: Halie

By Kate Horney Now that you’re pregnant, taking care of yourself has never been more important. From the doctor, to family members, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers, when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be doing… You’re probably going to get advice from everyone.  But staying healthy during pregnancy depends on you, so it’s important to arm y ...[Read More]

Healthy Snack Ideas: {Workout Nutrition} Protein Pops

By Kate Horney Baby, it’s hot outside!!  I teach a Fit Mom Boot camp (kid & stroller friendly- SO MUCH FUN) at our local park, and even though we workout early enough in the mornings to beat the mid-day sun, it still gets HOT! Did you know that according to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, exercising in hot and humid weather can cause significant dehydration in ...[Read More]

How to Flatten Your Stomach: 3 Tummy Types

flatten your stomach, fat loss for moms, 3 tummy types

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get (almost daily) from women is, “How can I flatten my stomach?!” Now that bikini and beach season is in full swing, moms are frantically looking for ways to tackle that trouble spot.     There’s no one-size-fits-all method for flattening your stomach. Instead, the most successful approach starts with determining where your true tum ...[Read More]

Healthy Desserts: No Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (Gluten Free!)

By Kira O’Donnell On this blog we are all about trying to find healthier alternatives to some of our favorite foods…. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I tell some of my friends about fat loss friendlier versions of not so healthy recipes I get some skeptical looks. I always encourage my friends and all of you to try them. You may love some of them and adopt them as your new norm an ...[Read More]

Bikini & Figure Competitions: 1 Week Out + The No Fail Technique for Competition Prep

By Kate Horney I’m an efficient person. Well, at least I TRY to be efficient! I have an 8 month old son and there isn’t any time to waste! So when it comes to preparing for this completion, I HAVE TO make the most of my time. Both my nutrition and my training must be quick AND effective…. When it comes to competition prep, it pains me to watch so many competitors waste time with poorly struc ...[Read More]

Bikini & Figure Competitions: Calories & 2 Weeks Out

By Kate Horney I can’t believe we are just two weeks out from the big day!  It’s been a pretty fun journey to this point; we have kept with our quick & efficient workouts and have managed to keep a reasonable caloric intake. (No crazy diets here!) One question that many of you have asked is….. What have we done with our calories? While I do believe that calories matter, I think it ...[Read More]

Nutrition: 6 Tips to Help You Stay On Track

fat loss for moms, nutrition tips, healthy attitudes

I had two slices of cake last night so I have to run an extra mile today. I worked out today so I earned this ice cream cone. I work out so I can eat whatever I want… Have any of these statements every come out of your mouth or entered your thoughts? (My hand is raised also, don’t worry.) I used to fall into this way of thinking too, but not anymore! Experiencing the fat loss lifestyle ...[Read More]

Healthy Summer Recipes

By Kate Horney   Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the start of summer – the perfect time to fire up your grill and enjoy some fun in the sun over a delicious, healthy meal. Summer is filled with fun picnics, potlucks and outdoor parties. Instead of turning to the same dishes for every event, try something new with these healthy recipes for summer BBQ and picnic favorites. From pa ...[Read More]