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How to Choose the Best Prenatal Vitamin

This post was sponsored by Avion Pharmaceuticals and opinions are my own.     Prenatal vitamins play a vital role in a healthy pregnancy   I began taking prenatal vitamins before becoming pregnant, but for moms who have just found out that they’re pregnant, it’s important to begin taking a prenatal supplement as soon as you find out that you’re expecting. That’s why I’m so excited t ...[Read More]

Prenatal Vitamins: The why, when and how important!

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The Importance of Taking Prenatal Vitamins Before, During and After Pregnancy While Breastfeeding This post was sponsored by Avion Pharmaceuticals. All opinions are my own. I recently shared on instagram that I’m so grateful for my two healthy pregnancies and access to the essential, nutritional options I needed while pregnant.     But not every mom/baby is as fortunate. I believe it’s i ...[Read More]

Coffee with Kate #5: From Pregnancy Workouts to Toning Over 50

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It’s the fifth “Coffee with Kate” round-up and I just love the entire range of questions ya’ll sent in! Thank you for continuing to allow me to share a little more about myself. And, of course, I always love getting to know each of you better through your social media posts! Thanks for sharing your questions and anecdotes. You can always shoot me a question on my  ...[Read More]

Food Safety During Pregnancy

food safety during pregnancy, is fish safe during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is reduced. This places both mom and her unborn baby at increased risk of contracting the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause foodborne illness. Foodborne illnesses can be worse during pregnancy and may lead to miscarriage or premature delivery and some foodborne illnesses, such as Listeria and Toxoplasma gondii, can infect the fetus even if the mo ...[Read More]

Chest Exercises to Lift Your Breasts

chest exercises to lift your breasts, lift breasts, saggy breasts

As wonderful as it is to have a baby, pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body. One area that many women ask about is their breasts. As pregnancy progresses, a woman’s breasts grow larger and heavier as they engorge with milk, causing the ligaments supporting the breasts to stretch.   This reduced ligament support may cause breasts to sag to some degree.   But there are th ...[Read More]

5 Best Yoga Poses During Pregnancy + Their Benefits

5 best yoga poses during pregnancy, yoga benefits for pregnancy, pregnancy yoga, fit mom

By Adrienne Herrenbruck As expectant mothers it is so important to keep health and fitness as a high priority. Although many soon-to-be-moms want to stay very active during pregnancy, it’s also critical to be safe for both the mom and child. The practice of Yoga during pregnancy has increased dramatically over the last several years, and there are several reasons you may want to jump on the ...[Read More]

New Mom FAQ

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By Kate Horney I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jillian Michaels, a celebrity fitness trainer, author, and television personality known for her appearances on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Jillian recently wrote the book Yeah Baby! in which she and a team of top-notch experts cover various new mom topics including child development, pregnancy and so much more, and wanted to talk to ...[Read More]

Pregnancy Workout Modifications

pregnancy workout modifications, pregnancy exercise modifications, fit mom, healthy pregnancy

Dear Pregnant Mama, Now that you’re pregnant, you may be scared to continue exercising. Most women know that exercise during pregnancy is safe, but myths and misconceptions still exist, many of which hold women back from having the healthiest pregnancy possible. There is a lot of fear out there that stops pregnant women from exercising.  But did you know that exercising during pregnancy has s ...[Read More]

Does Birth Control Make You Gain Weight?

Does Birth Control Make You Gain Weight?

By Kate Horney There have been countless times over the past 10+ years working with women that I’ve talked with women who are frustrated that they simply can’t lose weight.  Many come to me in tears: they are consistent with their workouts, their nutrition is on point, and yet… they’re not reaching their goals.   Or even worse- they’re GAINING weight.&n ...[Read More]

Is Protein Powder Safe While Pregnant & Nursing?

Is Protein Powder Safe While Pregnant & Nursing?

“Is it safe to use protein powder while I’m pregnant or nursing?” This is a question I am asked MULTIPLE times per day.(Seriously!) And I don’t blame new moms. When I became pregnant with my first son, I asked the same question as well! Experts recommend women who are pregnant and nursing to take a minimum of an extra 25 grams of protein a day. This means that during pregna ...[Read More]