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Santa Fe Chicken Soup

Santa Fe Chicken Soup

By Blair Lindler There is nothing quite like a quiet weekend around the house with my Man visiting to inspire me to get in the kitchen and try a new recipe or two! It seems like life doesn’t allow for many of these kinds of weekends, so I could not give up the opportunity. And I don’t think Daniel minded one bit either 🙂 It was a nice change from our usual (rut) of salad bars, steak houses, and eg ...[Read More]

Bacon Stuffed Zucchini

By Blair Lindler A while back, Coach Kira posted a recipe for Turkey Stuffed Zucchini that we all loved.  Coach Kira also shared her recipe for baked zucchini chips and I shared my all time favorite recipe for zucchini lasagna.  I am not sure why all of us here at BeyondFit Physiques are so in love with zucchini, but we are!  We just keep finding delicious uses for this very versatile vegetable, a ...[Read More]

Easy, Make Ahead Chicken Fajita Recipe

Easy, Make Ahead Chicken Fajita Recipe

By Kate Horney   Check out this great fajita recipe & let us know what you think… Easy, Make Ahead Chicken Fajitas. By Natalie Mansson My supper meals consist mainly of protein and lots of fibrous veggies.  It is easy to feed two of my kids that way, but my husband and one of my sons like breads, rice, tortillas, ect.  The following recipe works for all of us.  I eat ...[Read More]

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken

By Kira O’Donnell If you like to spice things up then you will love this quick, easy, and delicious recipe!  There is Minimal prep work (just 3 ingredients!) and enough chicken to make quite a few meals.  It is a perfect fat-loss friendly dish for all you busy women out there.  Just fill it, set it, and leave it! Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Ingredients: 1-2 lbs of boneless chic ...[Read More]

How to Make Simple Baked Chicken

By Blair Lindler As a Fat Loss Coach, I’m all about trying new (quick & easy!) recipes. I like to find recipes that anyone can make – the single working woman, the newlywed wife, the busy mom. 🙂 My recipe qualifications: The easier the preparation, the better. The more common ingredients, the better. The tastier the result, now that’s the best.   So, I bring you a new recipe th ...[Read More]

White Chicken Chili Stew

By Blair Lindler I have really been on a chili kick lately…  I joke with my co-workers that I could eat Metabolic Effect’s Quick Chili every day for lunch and not get tired of it. And although I believe this is true, I figured I’d try a new chili-esque recipie for kicks and giggles (I don’t ever want to get tired of ME’s Quick Chili – it’s a standard go to recipe!). When I found this new recipe, I ...[Read More]

Taco Squash Bake

By Kira O’Donnell   I have always enjoyed both eating out and cooking at home but recently I have had to really cut back on eating out. So now I am always on the lookout for healthier versions of my favorite types of food, one of the biggest being Mexican! This way I can feel like I am “cheating” but I’m really not. What could be better than that?! I came across this dish online that wa ...[Read More]

Easy Baked Spaghetti Squash

By Kira O’Donnell Hey pasta lovers… This one is for you! 🙂 I have had a lot of Bikini Boot Campers asking me about my spaghetti squash. I cook up a squash at the start of every week because it is easy and makes a lot. You will not even believe how easy and versatile it can be, not to mention loaded with nutrients and fat loss friendly. For those of you who don’t know, this is what one ...[Read More]

Gluten Free Turkey & Veg Meatloaf

By Jennifer Pittman Traditional meatloaf contains a combo of fatty ground beef and high starch breadcrumbs (Fat + Starch = FAT STORING); making for a total fat content that can hit up to 25 grams per serving with a carbohydrate count that almost matches. Check out this slimmed down version of meatloaf instead. The recipe below cuts out the unnecessary fat by using lean ground turkey and gluten fre ...[Read More]

Turkey Stuffed Zucchini

By Kira O’Donnell     When meal prepping for the week ahead, I find it important to make foods that will taste just as good, if not better, a few days later. I also love a recipe that combines my protein and my veggies all in one. This is one of those recipes! This recipe can be modified very easily by adding any number of your favorite chopped veggies or by omitting the ...[Read More]