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Healthy Kid Snacks

22 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

22 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Looking for some healthy Super Bowl recipes? For many families, Super Bowl Sunday equals SUPER BOWL (get it, like… a really HUGE bowl) snacks. Problem: Traditional favorites like chips, dips, wings, and pizza are standard game day fare, but these snacks offer nothing more than empty calories, tons of sugar, and loads of fat! Solution: With the big game less than one week away, today I want t ...[Read More]

3 Day Detox after Thanksgiving: 5 Tips to Beat Belly Bloat

By Kate Horney We’ve all been there – that dreaded day after Thanksgiving when you feel as bloated as a blow-up in the Macy’s parade. You knew that having that third helping of your Aunt’s pecan pie wasn’t the best idea, but in the moment you just couldn’t resist. Or maybe you thought you were making good choices but still woke up feeling like those skinny jeans are a ...[Read More]

{Healthy Halloween Treats} Trick-or-Treat Survival Guide

{Healthy Halloween Treats} Trick-or-Treat Survival Guide

By Kate Horney Looking for healthy Halloween treats?   The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the ghouls, ghosts and goblins. It’s the ever abundant candy stash and the candy coma (and skinny jeans disaster) that undoubtedly follows. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, the Halloween treats on every aisle can be a big problem when it comes to maintaining a reasonable physique. Simply cutti ...[Read More]

{Healthy Snack Ideas} Peanut-Butter Protein Balls

By Melody Schmoyer Looking for some Healthy Snack Ideas? Peanut Butter Protein Balls are a quick & easy option that both moms & kids will love! Here’s the problem: I started thinking recently about how UNHEALTHY store bought protein bars are, with all of the additives, sugars, and unhealthy fats. Solution: As a result, I decided to create my own concoction at home to try out on ...[Read More]

{Healthy Halloween Treats} Homemade Twix Candy Bar

By Kate Horney Looking for some healthy halloween treats? Despite the not-so-subtle message sent across the country (have you SEEN the giant bags of candy at the check-out line?!) there IS more to Halloween than candy… And you CAN still have fun with healthy halloween treats! I love the idea of setting a healthy example and not falling for the candy consumerism craze (followed by s ...[Read More]

{Healthy Snack Ideas} Game Day Ranch Dip

                        Finally! Football season is here! And I’ve got a healthy ranch dip recipe to see you through the entire 16 weeks!   Blair Lindler here–I know I’m not the only girl who’s ecstatic about this time of year, but what is it about football season that brings out the endless bags of chips and bottomless b ...[Read More]

{Healthy Snack Ideas} Chips & Salsa

By Kira O’Donnell   This one is for all of my Mexican food lovers! Next to pizza, Mexican is my favorite kind of food. There are plenty of ways to make healthier decisions when it comes to eating out at Mexican restaurants and even when preparing it at home but one of my weaknesses is the chips and salsa. I recently had an overabundance of fresh veggies in the house (thanks to great frie ...[Read More]

Healthy Snack Ideas: {Workout Nutrition} Protein Pops

By Kate Horney Baby, it’s hot outside!!  I teach a Fit Mom Boot camp (kid & stroller friendly- SO MUCH FUN) at our local park, and even though we workout early enough in the mornings to beat the mid-day sun, it still gets HOT! Did you know that according to the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, exercising in hot and humid weather can cause significant dehydration in ...[Read More]

Fit Mom Talk + 3 Healthy {Family Friendly} Recipes

As a new mom, a business owner and a busy family-oriented woman, I know that endless hours in the gym and eating nothing but chicken and veggies (BORING!) just isn’t going to work for real women and real fat-loss!     I created BeyondFit Mom to give women like you – and me – everything we need to reach our fat-loss, health, energy, nutrition and training goals. Through BeyondFit Mom, tho ...[Read More]

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids: Sour Patch Apples

By Blair Lindler A recent post from Coach Kate on the BeyondFit Facebook Page: “I am sitting here brainstorming what I can do to make BeyondFit Mom better and how we can reach more busy moms. So what would you like to see more of? A look into our daily life and how we make our fat loss lifestyle work? More workouts? More recipes? More honesty on our slip ups? Tell me what you want! ...[Read More]