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Wedding Prep

8 Tips For Your Wedding Fitness Routine

wedding fitness routine, fit bride, wedding exercise

By Kate Horney   If you have a fitness goal you’d like to achieve before your wedding day, having a plan is key.   How do you get more results in less time and fit your wedding fitness routine into your already crazy schedule of wedding planning and day to day life?   Here Are 8 Tips For Your Wedding Fitness Routine   1. Set the right goals: Before you begin, it’s a ...[Read More]

Stress Free Wedding Planning

stress free wedding planning, wedding planning tips, lower cortisol

By Kate Horney   Stress is something that busy brides are all too familiar with.   Planning your wedding is a very exciting time. But let’s be honest… it’s also pretty stressful.   Whether it’s in response to physical, mental or emotional stress, when your body senses pressure it responds. External factors, things like picking flowers, finding a venue, deciding on a dress, etc. And ...[Read More]

Beauty Trains Like a Beast

train like a beast, beast mode, fit mom, mom exercise

By Kate Horney   Beauty and the Beast isn’t just for fairytales. BeyondFit is all about finding your inner beauty and your beastly strength! Boosting your fitness and learning what it takes to live the fat-loss lifestyle takes commitment and consistency. Beauty MUST train like a Beast. At BeyondFit Life, we like to call it #BeastMode. If you’re in a plateau or want to take your ...[Read More]

Facts on Fiber

facts on fiber

By Kate Horney Are you getting enough fiber? Research shows countless ways that fiber will boost your health. Some of its top potential benefits include: Blood sugar control: Soluble fiber has been shown to help to slow your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helping with blood sugar control by balancing insulin levels. This, in turn, reduces cravings and also aid ...[Read More]


In 2013 I shared the top 13 things I learned, in 2014, I shared the top 14 things I learned. Apparently I had a serious case of #mombrain and completely spaced on the list in 2015, but I thought it’d be fun to bring back the tradition… 2016 has been one heck of a year! On a fitness/business front, this spring I had the amazing opportunity to take the stage and win 1st place in my class at a f ...[Read More]

Fitness Must-Haves for 2017

fitness must haves, fit mom, fitness gear

By Kate Horney  Top 5 Fitness Must Haves for the New Year  New year, new goals, new workouts! Are you looking for new gear to make your workouts easier? Here are my top 5 fitness must-haves for 2017… 1. S’well Water Bottles – The stainless steel, BPA-free Swell water bottle keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours. This is by far ...[Read More]

The Skinny on Alcohol

how alcohol affect metabolism, alcohol and fitness, healthier alcohol choices

By Kate Horney Toasting in the New Year is one of my favorite traditions, but the effects of alcohol can be staggering on your metabolism. The body does not metabolize macro-nutrients (sugar, fat, carbohydrates) as efficiently when trying to metabolize alcohol; halting any fat loss potential during this period of alcohol oxidation in your bloodstream. My recommendation, toast in the New Year with ...[Read More]

3 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee + Rabbit Coffee Review

health benefits of coffee

By Kate Horney Coffee often gets a bad rap in the world of health and fitness, but the truth is that coffee actually has some really cool health benefits.  Of course I’m not talking about sugar loaded lattes (make your own healthy version here), but when looking at black coffee, research has found quite a few health benefits. Many studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk ...[Read More]

My Story: How I Finally Got Results

A few years ago, when Patrick was deployed to Afghanistan, I was determined to be in the best shape of my life. I worked out hard, ate clean, and restricted my calories.  At the time, I was working as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and Health & Wellness director at my local gym, so in addition to my diet, I spent almost every waking moment at the gym–participating in ...[Read More]

Low Carb Smoothies & Post Workout Shakes

Low Carb Smoothies & Post Workout Shakes

By Kate Horney   Now that warm weather has come our way, I’ve been adding lots of cool and refreshing low carb smoothies into my daily nutrition routine. These low carb smoothies are also low-calorie and are great as a post-workout or mid-day snack. Full of fresh fruit and plenty of protein – you could even try one for breakfast!     The protein + fiber in these low carb ...[Read More]