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5 Tips for Finding the Time to Exercise

5 Tips for Finding the Time to Exercise

By Becky I’m often asked how I find the time to workout, so I thought I’d share my top 5 tips!     Currently I’m a stay at home Mom, but before I had Landon I worked full time for 8.5 years. I feel like I have a good grasp on what it’s like to make time on both sides!       Tip 1: Schedule Your Workout This is my biggest piece of advice. I alwa ...[Read More]

5 Pregnancy Exercises that Tighten and Tone

By Kate Horney  It’s easy to think fitness is a lost cause during pregnancy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right pregnancy exercises you can have a healthier pregnancy, have an easier delivery and prevent too much weight gain.   In dealing with many pregnant moms, one of the most common questions I am asked is, “How do I stay toned during pregnancy?” My answer: lift w ...[Read More]

June Yoga Workout

Hi sisters, Brooke here, I’m so happy to be back with BeyondFit showing you this yoga workout! I missed y’all tons!     Today, its getting personal for me. Whether our focus for working out is losing weight, getting back in shape after pregnancy, or just trying to be a healthier person, it’s easy to lose your focus. In our world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E!, entertainment ma ...[Read More]

Resistance Bands Exercises: 5 Exercises for Toned Arms & Shoulders

resistance band exercises, travel workout, fit mom, mom exercise

By Shannon Mayhew   Summer is right around the corner, and for a lot of us, that means it’s time for summer vacation. I know while traveling it may be hard to get in those workouts, especially if you’re traveling by plane and not having access to a gym.  Packing heavy weights in a carry-on is not ideal, but a great alternative is a resistance band.  Resistance bands come in various ...[Read More]

Exercises for Kids

By Shannon Mayhew   Being a mom of two, I’ve always wanted what’s best for my children.  I want my kids to live happy, healthy lives, and leading by example is the best way to teach them this.        While my husband was deployed I started my fitness journey with BeyondFit through Bikini Boot Camp, and was able to take both my children with me to workout.   Over ...[Read More]

{Fat Burning Workouts} Total Body Circuit

total body circuit, fit moms, exercise, fat loss for moms

Ready for a quick, fat burning total body circuit workout routine?   Here’s a 20 minute total body circuit workout that will have you burning fat LONG after your workout is over. And just because we all need to bust a move while we’re burning fat, here’s a motivating tune to listen to while you’re rocking this total body circuit work out! I know this song is old, but I ...[Read More]

{Fat Burning Workouts} BeyondFit Basics Workout

{Fat Burning Workouts} BeyondFit Basics Workout   It’s time to get sweaty! Grab your dumbbells and let’s get going! This workout will be sure to get your legs burning as well as to provide a well rounded upper body workout that will burn fat and increase your metabolism. Complete the circuit 3 times then finish with 10 minutes of sprints! Squat/Upright Row: Place feet hip width apart. Bend at ...[Read More]

4 Fat Loss Mistakes Santa Makes

4 Fat Loss Mistakes Santa Makes

Santa Claus is coming to town!  And when he comes, I’d like to have a chat with him. Not about presents or my status on the “naughty” or “nice” list, rather–I want to give him some fat-loss tips! I’m a little concerned about Santa’s health this holiday season… Amidst the hustle and the bustle of the season, it seems that Santa has forgotten some of the basics of proper health, fit ...[Read More]

Yoga Poses: How to Do a Sun Salutation

Today I’m super excited to bring you a guest post from one of our BeyondFit Life members, Brooke. Brooke is a certified yoga instructor and she uploads new yoga workouts each month to our members portal. I LOVE using the poses she suggests on my rest and recovery days, they’re PERFECT to stretch out after a tough workout! (you know, the ones where you can barely move the next day?) Can ...[Read More]

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: 4 Training Tips

Cellulite (aka “cottage cheese” thighs) is a hot topic for most women. Surprisingly, it’s something that over 90% of women deal with, whether you are overweight or not. In fact, thin clients that I work with struggle with cellulite on their lower bodies as well.     What is Cellulite?    Cellulite is caused by the fat stored directly beneath the skin’s surface ...[Read More]