10 Healthy Cookie Recipes

From raw cookie dough to fresh baked, warm from the oven cookies…cookies are so good at any stage! But not all cookies are so good for you

Sister, put down that oreo and munch on one of these fat-loss friendly healthy cookies instead! 


10 Healthy Cookie Recipes





It’s a crumbly, scrumptious little ball of yum… I present to you, my family-tested, family-approved GF Peanut Butter Cookie!




Today, 25% of all the cookies baked in the United States are chocolate chip! Lucky for you we’re sharing our favorite Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!




Not only are these delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Pies gluten free….they’re also sugar free!




Use up those ripe bananas with this quick and easy healthy cookie recipe!




These Cookie Dough Bites are a quick (and tasty) craving killer AND your kids will love them too!



These High Protein Blueberry Cookies are great for a snack or breakfast on-the-go!




Check out this quick & easy healthy cookie recipe for a sweet tooth fix…Protein Oat Cookies!




Coconut flour is gluten free, low in carbohydrates and high in fiber & protein; making it an ideal candidate for those of us living a fat-loss lifestyle. Try it out for yourself with these Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies!




Your kiddos will LOVE these Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies!




Eat your veggies AND your cookies!

You’ve got some great dessert recipes…now what should you make for supper?

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