20 Minute Fat Burn – Treadmill Workout

Let’s face it. The weather isn’t always perfect, and you won’t always be able to enjoy your BeyondFit Life sprints outdoors.  Sometimes, you just don’t want to go outside to exercise (I am particularly weak when it’s cold and rainy out). So I bring you a fat burning treadmill workout!

Yes. I just said treadmill. 

Typically, that would be blasphemous here at BeyondFit Mom! We believe that moderate/steady-state exercise does more harm than good to your metabolism and does not encourage fat loss. BUT…here’s a treadmill workout that provides the interval training you need to get into fat burning mode!


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Fat Burning Treadmill Workout


Warm up with a moderate walk for 3 minutes.

Now begins the workout!

  1. 1 minute sprint as fast as you can
  2. Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill
  3. 8-12 Deadlift/Curl/Press
  4. 30 second sprint 
  5. Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill
  6. 8-12 Incline Push Ups/Rows
  7. 30 second sprint
  8. Reduce speed and safely step off treadmill
  9. 8-12 Suitcase Squats


Repeat up to 3x

Cool down with a moderate walk for 3 minutes.


Now if that doesn’t get your heart rate up and your muscles burning, then you need to reconsider your “sprint” speed or consider increasing your weights.

Push until you can’t, then rest until you can!

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