28 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard + Gestational Diabetes Test Alternatives

By Kate Horney


How far along? 28 Weeks, 2 Days

Maternity clothes? Gym clothes & dresses rock.  I think I will see how long I can make my normal clothes (with the help of the belly band) stretch… (and I do mean stretch both literally and figuratively)

Best moment this week: 4D ultrasound!  It was SO much fun to see our little man’s face.  We brought Jackson (although he was more interested in his snacks than in watching his little brother) and it was so fun to compare baby #2’s facial feature’s to Jackson’s when we had his ultrasound.  It’s amazing to see this little gift from God just squirming away in there.  Love him so much already.


Miss Anything?  As a former tummy sleeper, I’m really starting to get uncomfortable sleeping.  The belly has definitely ended my usual sleep position, and it’s getting in the way more when it comes to bending, etc but I’m GLAD that it’s GROWING! 

Movement: All the time! Especially late at night/early in the morning (thanks, little guy) or after eating.

Food cravings: I really haven’t craved any of the traditional pregnancy “junk” (think bon-bons and cookies, etc).  If my worst cravings are for blueberries or an extra burger on the grill, I’ll take it!  Fruit and protein, fruit and protein….

Looking forward to: EVERYTHING! Seeing Patrick hold our second son. (He’s the best daddy). I can’t to watch Jackson interact with his little brother, and I just can’t wait to meet him!

Biggest Struggle this Week:  The Pregnancy Glucose Test/Gestational Diabetes Test Alternatives

Last week was my baby check up with the big glucose test.

I refused the glucose drink when I was pregnant with Jackson and had to put up quite a fight with the doctor. And I mentioned last week on instagram that I was gearing up to do it again…. Why?

Because check out the ingredients for the “Oral Glucose Tolerance Beverage!” It’s essentially sugar water with artificial colors and preservatives with a VERY LONG shelf life.

This is no better than most sodas on the market- and truly not something I want to consume while pregnant.

Yet, doctors routinely prescribe this non-carbonated soda to their pregnant patients? While it’s certainly important to monitor your blood glucose during pregnancy, there are alternatives to drinking sugar water!!!

I decided to refuse the normal glucose screening test for two reasons:

  1. There is no situation during pregnancy in which I would ever consume that much sugar/carbohydrates in one sitting, so the test is not accurate for me.
  2. There is a risk of false positive, which leads to another, longer test.


Solution:  Gestational Diabetes Test Alternatives

Fellow pregnant moms: you have a choice!! Simply ask your doctor what other options you have and if they don’t know, educate them!

I do think it is important to make sure I don’t have blood sugar issues or gestational diabetes, as they can both cause complications.

But there are other ways your doctor can test how your body handles an influx of sugar….

  1. Consider using real food instead of the glucola drink (any whole, natural food high in sugar will work- just check with your doctor). 
  2. Consider avoiding the test altogether and monitor your blood sugar with a glucometer throughout your pregnancy.

This is what I’ve been doing because it won’t create an extreme blood sugar spike, and can stick to your regular healthy diet. You will also avoid feeling like you are going to vomit and the dreaded “crash and burn” that women report after drinking the glucola!

Personally, I used this monitor and these strips to monitor my glucose (they’re inexpensive and easy to order, but any reliable monitor would work).  I kept a lot for two weeks to ensure everything was on track.  I showed this log to my midwife and she was pleased.  She said everything looked perfect and that I was fine to “opt out” of the traditional test.

According to my midwife and most pregnancy research…

Here is what the normal levels should look like:

  •  Fasting blood glucose (first thing in the morning) of 86 or lower
  • 1 hour after eating= 140 or lower
  • 2 hours after eating= 120 or lower
  • 3 hours after eating= back to fasting level 

There can be some variation in this, but the majority of my readings should be in these ranges.

The cool thing about watching my glucose this way is that it gives a comprehensive view of glucose tolerance and I even get to see what foods cause higher spikes for me personally and which don’t affect it as much at all.

No matter what you decide with your pregnancy glucose test, remember:

  1. It is important to monitor blood sugar for both you and your baby
  2. You have a CHOICE! 

I encourage you to look at research and decide which method is right for you.


P.S. Share this post with pregnant mom that you know to spread the word… It’s YOUR body and YOUR baby. You have a choice!

P.P. S. Are you a fellow pregnant mama?  

Healthy babies come from healthy moms!  

Your baby is a REASON to make a healthy choices priority… not an excuse for why you can’t!

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