5 Simple Ways to Get in Shape for the New Year


New Year’s is a time for committing yourself to new goals- whether that be to finally get in shape or to find simple ways to make staying in shape sustainable . . . leading a healthier lifestyle and committing to living your best life is a wonderful pursuit.

But the truth is most New Year’s fitness resolutions are a letdown. Statistics show half of you will have already given up on your New Year’s resolution by February 1st!

So, in an effort to keep your New Year’s resolution from falling by the wayside, we’re going to be proactive. Instead of giving you a complicated list of 50 things you need to do tomorrow, here are 5 simple and healthy ways to get in shape for the New Year.

Want to know my “life hack” to get in shape with your New Year’s fitness resolutions? SIMPLIFY!

Focusing on the basics and un-complicating fitness will help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

5 Simple Ways to Get in Shape for the New Year

Get in Shape Idea #1: Build Muscle

Research shows that workouts that build muscle lead to increased strength and balance and reduce risk of injury. BeyondFit Life Club workouts achieve all of these benefits while working multiple muscle groups at the same time. This means you can squeeze in an effective workout in a shorter amount of time and reap the benefits even after the workout is over. Any movement that promotes muscle gain will, over time increase metabolism and help your body burn more calories and fat, even at rest.


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Get in Shape Idea #2: Eat Produce

Studies show that women who eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day are more likely to avoid weight gain.  Focusing on produce is a great way to help fill-up your stomach while keeping calorie intake minimal. Gram for gram, fruits and vegetables contain fewer calories and many more nutrients and fiber than other processed snacks. Stock your fridge with pre-cut vegetables and fruits, and fill your plate with produce first.

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Get in Shape Idea #3: Eat Protein

In addition to produce, protein can help maintain a healthy weight and help you get in shape for the New Year. High-protein diets are associated with greater feelings of fullness, decreased cravings, and increased energy. Make sure to have one serving of protein at each meal and aim to eat .8-1g of protein per pound of lean bodyweight.

Not sure how to get it all in? In addition to whole foods, protein shakes are great options. 1Shot Protein is a quick and easy post-workout (or anytime) protein solution because it provides 24g of protein + 0g sugar- all packed into a 3 oz. pocket-sized bottle. It’s been designed for on-the-go convenience, and I love that it has less sugar than a protein bar. Not only does it support lean muscle mass and post-exercise recovery and repair, but 1Shot Protein can also help with weight management and, as you know, supports healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. You can order it from amazon here. And it is available in 2 delicious flavors: Tropical & Berry.

NOTE: the product contains fish, as the protein source used is high-grade marine collagen, but don’t worry, the product doesn’t taste fishy at all! It’s also gluten-free and lactose-free!


Get in Shape Idea #4: Drink Water 

Drinking water helps you feel full. Many women think they’re hungry when in fact they’re just dehydrated, so drinking water also helps you consume fewer calories. Trade calorie and sugar-filled beverages for water or other calorie-free drinks such as unsweetened iced tea, hot tea or coffee. Make it your goal to drink ½ your bodyweight in oz daily.



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Get in Shape Idea #5: Get the Right Mindset 

Many women fall into emotional eating patterns to during times of stress, so manage your emotions and put strategies into place to help yourself become aware of how you turn to food to deal with emotions. This is especially important as you’re working to find healthy ways to get in shape for the New Year. Don’t let the stress of dieting set you up for failure. Ditch the diet approach and develop a healthier relationship to food with BeyondFit’s 21 day Food Freedom program!


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BeyondFit offers many programs to help moms along their fat loss journey. We create healthy lifestyle changes that make real results obtainable and sustainable over time. Join the BeyondFit Life Club today to start losing fat, gaining confidence and reaching your goals TODAY!


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