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4 Weeks Out – Carb Cycling Diet

A common mistake when women begin dieting is to cut out carbs- even the good ones. If you choose the wrong carbs, or eat too many carbohydrates, then yes- carbs will cause you to store fat. Limiting your carbohydrate intake is important if you looking for fat loss results, but some carbohydrates are needed for…


Thai Lettuce Wraps + 4 Low Carb Dinner Recipes

By Kate Horney I’ve recently been carb cycling (read more about that here) so I’ve been spending some extra time in the kitchen figuring out fun ways to make low carb versions of our favorite traditional dinners.  A few of our previous favorites include:   Low Carb Shrimp Pasta 3 Healthy Noodle Alternatives Taco Squash…


2 Weeks Out- Bikini Competition- 7 Tips for When You’re Craving Sweets & Carbs

By Kate Horney   Wow.  I can’t believe I’m just 2 weeks out from my bikini competition.  If you’ve been following along, I’ve been sharing lots of behind on the scenes on IG + snapchat (@beyondfitmom) and through my blog series.   Catch up on any of the posts you’ve missed here: How I set up my Bikini Competition…


Coffee with Kate: Diets, Diet and More

I truly enjoy receiving your questions for these Coffee with Kate editions of the blog! Thank you for sending questions my way. Keep them coming to info@beyondfitmom.com or by finding me on Facebook or Instagram.    Coffee with Kate: Question 1. I want to start stocking my fridge and pantry with healthier foods, but I’m…


Weight Loss and Your Menstrual Cycle

Don’t let PMS ruin your workouts and undo all of your weight loss progress. By making a few small tweaks to your training and nutrition, you can easily outsmart cravings and get a handle on this time of month. For many women, the weight and mood changes caused by your menstrual cycle can be significant.…

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