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5 Things I’m Loving Lately

I recently became a LuckyVitamin+ member, and I’ve been loving the membership and product discounts.  I’ve so many found great products for myself and my family on the site, but here are five things I’ve been especially loving lately… Mineral Based Suncreen:  I found so many great mineral based sunscreen products on the LV site.…


Brain Boosting Foods for Kids

Nutrition for your children has a direct effect on IQ, learning, concentration, sleep, and behavior. Just as athletes eat a diet to win, children can eat to learn. Foods that contain antioxidants, choline, omega-3 fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates are all particularly helpful in boosting brain power. Here are some of my food tips to…


Fruits and Veggies: Are Your Kids Getting Enough?

Fruit and vegetable consumption in the United States is dropping to surprisingly low percentages, with only 14% of Americans eating enough fruits and vegetables every day. Even lower than this, less than 10% of children are eating the fruits and vegetables they need to be healthy and strong. Instead of getting discouraged by these statistics,…


Make Daylight Savings Time Work for Your Workouts

How are we feeling about Daylight Savings Time, moms?!?   Many of us (especially those with young kiddos!) dread this “spring forward” tradition, because it means getting one less hour of sleep. But you can take actually advantage of the upcoming daylight savings time to help you improve your overall fitness and health routine.  Daylight Savings…


Lessons Learned: 7 Things 2017 Taught Me

Four years ago I thought it would be neat to share with you some of the top lessons learned that year. In 2013, I shared the top 13 things I learned, and in 2014, I shared the top 14 things I learned. I had a serious case of #mombrain and completely spaced on the lesson learned…

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