Body Weight Workout

By Shannon Mayhew

Body Weight Workout

I don’t know about you, but I love a quick workout, especially on those days that are crammed packed with one thing after another. A great way to get in a workout is to turn it into a body weight routine. You heard me right, body weight. These types of workouts are also great on the go when you’re unable to use traditional weights, such as traveling.

Here is a great workout you can try the next time you can’t grab a set of weights!

• Tricep dips using a chair or couch.
• Squat Jumps
• Plank Hold
• Squat and Calf Raise
• Football Shuffle
• Hip Raise
• Push-up/side plank
• Mummy Kicks
• Seated Bicycle

*Complete each exercise for one minute for two rounds, rest as needed. Don’t forget to take time for stretching!

This would also be a great workout to get the family involved. Have fun with it and remember, you’re one workout away from a good mood! 🙂

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