{Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance} 6 Reasons Boundaries are Essential

By Blair Lindler

Busy Woman’s Guide to Balance: Why Boundaries are Essential

The conventional opinion is that boundaries are bad, that they keep people out, that they keep YOU distant and unavailable.

6 Reasons Boundaries are Essential

But that is the furthest thing from the truth!! 

Boundaries make you open and available for the people, events, causes, and hobbies that are important to YOU.  They help keep yourself as a priority, and as a result make self-care automatic and effortless.

Every person has a limit to what they can do – a limit of time, emotions, finances, etc.  We also each have a limit to the amount of stress that we can handle and balance.  And when we stop respecting our boundaries, priorities shift from what we want out of our lives (and consequently how we can serve and improve the world around us) to what others want from us (and consequently how we become less important).

When you set appropriate and healthy boundaries, you have the freedom to use your resources for the things that you value – the charities, the events, the friendships, the hobbies… Boundaries don’t promote selfishness. They promote the ability to give more to the things you care about. 🙂

Boundaries don’t make you un-compassionate or un-caring. 

You can still respond compassionately while also saying no and respecting your boundaries (stay tuned – more details on this coming soon!).

6 Reasons Boundaries are Essential 

  1. Boundaries support priorities.
  2. Boundaries support self-care.
  3. Boundaries promote welcomed giving.
  4. Boundaries enable passion.
  5. Boundaries allow a more fulfilling life.
  6. Boundaries improve quality of life.

Boundaries are good, ladies.  And those who love you and support you and encourage you will honor the boundaries you set – both in the relationships as well as with your time, emotions, and money.

We may not be able to save the world, but by setting boundaries, we can zero in on OUR passions and make a positive IMPACT on our friends, our community, and our world.

Coming up, I’ll talk about priorities and passions, learning to say no, finding yourself once the smoke has cleared, and more… stay tuned!  🙂