{Healthy Breakfast Ideas} Double Chocolate Protein Pancakes

By Kate Horney

Looking for Healthy Breakfast Ideas?

Every woman loves chocolate (myself included). But what if we don’t want to consume all those fattening empty calories that go right to our hips?

chocolate protein pancakes

Today we’ll show you how to get the best of both worlds…

My friend Wendy Moore has created an INCREDIBLE double chocolate pancake recipe, and it’s one you won’t want to miss!  Chocolate for breakfast?  Yes please!

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Not only does this recipe taste fabulous, but it’s low carb, high protein, and only takes a few minutes to make! 🙂

Double Chocolate Pancakes

Ingredients (Pancakes):

  • 1 large egg
  • 3 large egg whites
  • ¼ c unsweetened coconut almond milk
  • 2 -3 drops of Vanilla Stevia or you can use stevia packets
  • 4 TBS Coconut Flour
  • 2 TBS Unsweetened Dark Cocoa Powder
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 2 tsp. psyllium husk (Feel free to omit this ingredient; however it keeps the pancakes thick and fluffy!)
  • Non-stick spray or coconut oil for coating your fry pan

Ingredients (Topping- Healthy Dark Chocolate Sauce)

  • 2 TBS Unsweetened Dark Cocoa
  • 2 TBS NF Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 3 TBS Almond Milk (add more or less depending on the consistency desired)
  • stevia drops(add 1-2 drops for sweetness)
  • Chocolate Sprinkles for sprinkling on top


  1. First, combine wet ingredients in a bowl. This includes the egg, egg whites, vanilla extract and unsweetened coconut almond milk. I like to whip it around real good to make it frothy and light. Mix all of your dry ingredients, which include your coconut flour, dark cocoa powder,baking powder, baking soda, psyllium husk and stevia. Combine the wet and dry and mix until well combined. If your batter looks to thick, just add another TBS or two of the almond milk until you get your desired consistency. I use a large pancake griddle when making mine. You could also use a non-stick frying pan and coat it with some coconut oil and set the stove to low-medium heat. Allow your pan to heat up nice and hot. For uniform size pancakes, I use my 1/4c to make smaller pancakes. Pour your batter into the pan and use a spoon to spread it out into a circle. Once the pancakes bubble, flip and allow to cook on the opposite side.
  2. While pancakes are cooking, prepare your dark chocolate sauce. In a small bowl combine the cocoa powder, Greek yogurt, almond milk and stevia until it reaches your desired consistency.
  3. Plate your pancakes. Top your pancake with the dark chocolate sauce. Sprinkle your chocolate sprinkles on top.  Enjoy!!!

P.S. Boring protein pancakes are SO LAST YEAR!  

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