Core Strength

By Shannon Mayhews

Core Strength

There are so many reasons to have core strength.

Think of your core as your body’s foundation, your core provides stability and balance of the body. It’s not all about having the “perfect” six pack abs and a flat tummy. It’s about having strength for those normal day to day activities such as walking, carrying something heavy, or playing sports. Along with the abdominals your core makes up your entire torso, meaning the muscles in your spine, neck, and pelvis.

Why is core training so important?

In today’s society we are becoming more and more sedentary. Most people have jobs where they sit around hours a day, not including the time spent in a car. Prolonged sitting causes our core muscles to become weaker. Core training is for everyone! Keeping those stabilizer muscles strong helps with daily tasks such as walking, bending, and reaching.

Here are some great exercises:

• Plank Hold
• Russian Twist
• Scissor Kicks
• Leg Raise
• Push-Up
• Squats

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