Success Story: 30 Minutes Can Change Everything

It’s true- 30 minute workouts, just three times a week can literally change everything.  Bikini Boot Camp is about so much more than physical appearance.  For busy women, these workouts offer a built in support system that changes they way the feel about themselves, reduces stress, and gives them energy and helps them stay grounded.

Take Elizabeth for example…

“It only takes 30 minutes three days a week to make a vast difference in the way I feel.” -Elizabeth Hodge

“What I like most about boot camp is that it only takes 30 minutes three days a week to make a vast difference in the way I feel. Let me be clear that aside from a personal goal to look good, its more about feeling good about myself and burning off stress from work.

In a matter of minutes, I can go from sharing a story about the weekend with other boot camp participants to burning off calories and building muscle.  Boot camp has become a great way to start my day.

Boot camp makes me feel energized and even though I don’t change all of my eating habits, I do hear Kate’s voice in my head when I’m food shopping or about to grab a snack. I now make smarter choices.

Physically I’ve noticed changes in the way my clothes fit… I don’t like scales so I don’t pretend to know what I weigh, but I can feel the difference in the way things fit. I’ve also noticed that the flap under my arm and around my thighs doesn’t jiggle as much. 🙂

Mentally and emotionally the boot camp changes my outlook for the day and week ahead. I work long hours at a stressful job that requires me to have patience and understanding…

Boot camp helps me stay grounded. I’ve begun to leave my work at work and not bring my stress home.

It’s made a huge difference and I love every minute of the workouts.”

-Bikini Boot Camper, Elizabeth Hodge