Family Ski Trip

Great skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, oh my!  

We took our first ever family ski trip to Wintergreen Resort last week and had so much fun.  

Everything You Need for a Family Ski Trip

Once you’ve decided on your family-friendly ski destination (see our destination of choice below), booked your ski lodging, ski passes and arranged for your ski rentals its time to make an all-important packing list.  Keep reading for a complete list of what we packed as well as tips on special items to ensure your family ski vacation is a success.

Family Ski Trip Travel Essentials

☐ I.D.
☐ Confirmation Numbers/ Itinerary
☐ Credit Cards
☐ Health Insurance Cards
☐ Travel Insurance Documents
☐ Ski Passes (Make sure to purchase in advance!)
☐ Auto Insurance Cards
☐ Toys, books or games
☐ Fully charged electronics
☐ Charging cords
☐ Camera/ Phone
☐ Snacks

Family Ski Trip Gear to Pack

Bringing the right ski gear will make your family ski vacation a success. Helmets may be the most important piece of ski gear. Not only does a helmet keep your head safe, but also warm. We were able to rent our helmets at Wintergreen Resort, but be sure that you have helmets induced in your rentals. 

In addition to helmets, Ski gloves made of Gortex will keep fingers dry and warm. Before we left for our family ski trip, everyone advised us to pack plenty of thermal under layers that should be a moisture wick fabric, not cotton. And of course, multiple pairs of socks made for skiing are a must.

Ski resorts are located at high altitude and drinking plenty of water is key to preventing altitude sickness and dehydration, so be sure to pack water bottles for everyone in the family.  

☐ Helmet
☐ Goggles
☐ Neck Gaiter
☐ Ski pants and ski jacket
☐ Thermal under layers
☐ Ski gloves
☐ Hand/ foot warmers
☐ Ski socks
☐ Hydration pack (Camelbak)
☐ Pocket cell phone charger
☐ Pocket candy/ treats
☐ Ski boots


In addition to everything above, layers, fleece, moisture wick under layers and warm boots will be your most important pieces of non-ski clothing. The sun is bright at altitude so make sure to pack sunglasses. And, if your’e heading to Wintergreen Resort, don’t forget a swimsuit for the hot tub and indoor pool! There’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub surrounded by snow after an exhilarating day on the ski slopes.

☐ Warm pants and shirts
☐ Sweaters
☐ Jeans
☐ Snow boots
☐ Wool socks
☐ Warm hat
☐ Fleece jacket
☐ Warm Vest
☐ Gloves
☐ Scarf
☐ Dinner/ Evening Clothing
☐ Swim Suit
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Sleepwear

Family Ski Trip at Wintergreen Resort

If you’re looking for a family friendly place to plan a family ski trip, I highly recommend Wintergreen Resort.  In addition to hitting the slopes, my boys loved Wintergreen Resort’s Ridgely’s Fun Park for Kids and Families and Tubing at the Plunge.  

The location was great for us as well…. Just 1½ hours from Richmond and under three from Washington D.C., Wintergreen Resort is your close, easy-to-get-to option for a Blue Ridge Mountain escape full of winter fun.

For current conditions and the most up to date information visit the Wintergreen Resort blog, The Mountain Message.

Here are a few of our favorite parts about our family ski trip at Wintergreen….

Ridgely’s Rippers Ski School

Ski lessons! The full day program includes approximately four hours of ski lesson instruction, lunch, snacks and hot chocolate. The half day program includes approximately two hours and fifteen minutes of instruction and one snack break. Children who are four will take longer breaks throughout the day, so their time on skis may vary depending on participation levels.

What could be better than learning to ski with new friends? Full day and half day programs are available for children ages 3+. 

Children are placed in groups based on age and ability level. Their time at The Treehouse is spent in lessons to help them gain confidence and skill on the snow, with breaks for lunch, snacks, and hot chocolate. And did we mention fun?!

Adult Lessons

Wintergreen Resort offers learn to ski and snowboard programs for all ages and ability levels based on the American Teaching System. They offer group lessons (no reservations taken), private lessons, women’s clinics, day and half day programs for kids, family lessons, plus the college academy program and the Discover Skiing and Riding Program.

Tubing at The Plunge

The Plunge is Virginia’s largest tubing park. Imagine being on top of a ten story building and looking out over a hill that’s longer than three football fields. Now imagine going downhill on a tube at speeds reaching 30 mph. That’s The Plunge! Thrills and chills without the spills.

Ridgely’s Fun Park

Families with small children can discover all the winter excitement they need at Ridgely’s Fun Park. This family-friendly setting at Discovery Ridge is the perfect location for children to play in the snow, just like you did as a child. You’ll find a mini-tubing carousel, bear paw snow shoes, tunnels, plus a gentle hill for tubing – and the ride back up the hill might be more fun than the ride down!

Snow all Season Long

Wintergreen Resort is home to one of the world’s most sophisticated snowmaking systems. This complex system involves approximately 40,000 linear feet of pipeline, more than 400 snowguns and 45 weather stations. Theoretically with optimal conditions, Wintergreen Resort’s snowmaking system could cover a football field with 37 feet of snow in just 24 hours.

Wintergreen Resort offers a number of ways to get more fun on the slopes and save.  You can join the SNOWPOWER Club to make sure you get special offers, and for Season Pass information, visit Season Passes.

From ski school to snowball fights and everything in between — so grateful for the adventures I had with my boys this week. ⛷❄️  We’ll definitely be making our Family Ski Trip a tradition!

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