Fat Burning Workout: No Equipment Needed

By  Blair Lindler 

Real Life:  There are going to be times where you are not going to have access to your weights.

It might be when you’re on the road, when you’re on vacation, when you’re visiting your family, or heck, when you find yourself in the middle of an airport on a never ending layover…

As much as you plan and do your best to be prepared for the unexpected, sometimes things just conspire against your workout.


But even if you don’t have your weights or equipment available, you can still get in a great sweat sesh!  Don’t let this stop you!

I’m here to provide you an example of a workout requiring NO weights!

BeyondFit’s Fat Burning Workout: No Equipment Needed



“Take it Up a Notch” Option

1 minute Burpees (with the push up!) Complete a double jump after each burpee
1 minute Lunges After lunging, complete a side leg raise with the leg that was behind you
1 minute Plank Alternate your arm position between on your wrists and on your elbows, traveling “up and down” the heights
1 minute Squat Jumps Make them 3 point squat jumps: narrow stance, shoulder width stance, wide stance (toes pointing out at a 45 degree angle)
1 minute Push Ups After each push up, complete a rear leg lift and a forward arm reach
1 minute Pulse Up Alternate between pulsing your upper body towards your toes (upper abs) and pulsing your toes straight up towards the air (lower abs)

Repeat the circuit 2-3 times… And you might find that you do need some equipment for this workout: a towel to wipe up all that sweat! 🙂


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