Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 26

By Kate Horney


How far along? 26 Weeks, 4 Days

Maternity clothes? Looking extra sexy by folding my lulu leggins down under my belly. Are they made to be worn that way? No. Does pregnancy cancel out fashion? In some cases, such as stretchy pants, I say YES!  Still no real official “maternity” clothes except the ever so handy bella band…

Best moment this week: Celebrating Father’s Day by picking 23lbs of fresh blueberries w/ my baby’s Daddy!  He’s the best!

Miss Anything? I think I said this before, but if I had a dollar for every night my poor arm has gone completely numb after being smashed by my giant belly this week…. I’d be rich. I do miss the days when I didn’t wake up flapping my arm around like a lunatic at 3am. Pregnancy pillow has been ORDERED!

Movement: I think the boy likes to eat…. I get lots of kicks after almost every meal (which is 5-6 times a day, mind you). Lots of squirming and flipping at night too- I think he’s gonna be a night owl.

Food cravings: Ummm… hello! We picked 23lbs of fresh blueberries today. Nature’s candy, I tell ya. Can’t get enough of them! That, red onions & chili. Sweet husband made 3 pots of chili within 3 days this past week. No joke.

Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery and HOLDING OUR SON!!  Sometimes I go into his room & just stare at everything… I can’t believe there will be a baby in that crib in just 3 months!


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