Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 33

By Kate Horney


How far along? 33 Weeks, 6 Days

Maternity clothes? Bella band is a definite must have! It has saved all my old summer shorts! That and the obvious gym clothes make a perfect combo for an ever growing belly.

Best moment this week: Patrick brought home a box of all his old childhood toys this week. So much fun to unpack airplanes and dinosaurs and all of his favorites from when he was a little guy. I can’t wait to see him as a daddy. He’s gonna be the best.

Miss Anything? This week I got heart burn so bad it made my eyes water… so I believe my esophagus misses the days it wasn’t on fire. And my ribs are missing their space as well.

Movement: He likes to move. And I mean MOOOOVE. Long gone are the days when his little fluttery kicks could be mistaken for gas…lol He’s gotten so much stronger! And sometimes when I push on a foot or bum, he pushes back. 

Food cravings: Chicken’s back! Hey hey hey! Also, I believe I’ve mixed oat bran with just about everything this week: tuna & broccoli, chili, about 3 different flavors of whey and of course the usual blueberries. Poor Patrick can’t help but gag…

Looking forward to: Baby boy’s arrival!!

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