Fit Pregnancy Week by Week: 39

By Kate Horney


 How far along? 39 Weeks, 3 Days

Maternity clothes? Makin leggins & gym clothes work for one more week. If it’s wrong to be in pajamas by 6pm…. then I don’t want to be right.

Best moment this week: Basically everything we do involves some celebration of it possibly being our “last ______ without a baby.” But I think my favorite moments this week have been spent just sitting and talking with my hubby… how our lives are going to change, how we’re going to feel, if I’ll be scared, etc. He’s so wise. He’s my best friend! And I can’t imagine a better partner. He’s going to be the BEST dad!

Miss Anything? I’m really grateful I’ve still been able to workout… embracing the waddle. But I do miss overall mobility. I told Patrick this was a preview for when we’re 80. “OH MY HIP!” But seriously- hip and pelvic pain like none other! I practically need a crane to get me out of bed- rolling from side to side HURTS.

Movement: Poor guy has to be crammed in there. Big rolls and belly waves as he stretches out. He’s running out of womb…. (haha, oh I make myself laugh).

Food cravings: Still on the cinnamon roll thing. Made some with almond flour that kill the craving and thankfully aren’t loaded with sugar. Besides that, the usual oats & blueberries, and an insane amount of hardboiled eggs have been staples this week.

Looking forward to: Holding our son!  Praying he makes a safe (hopefully relatively quickly) delivery and that he’s healthy. Hurry up little guy! We want to meet you!!

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