25 Days of Fitness: 10 Fitness Gifts (for Women) for Under $50

By Kate Horney

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50!

If you want to give a gift that is sure not to collect dust the rest of the year, fitness gifts are where it’s at!  Whether you’re wrapping up some Christmas shopping for the fitness buff on your list or wondering how you’ll tackle your own 2013 exercise resolutions (gift: to me, from me?)…

You can’t go wrong with one of the following budget-friendly fitness buys!

10 Fitness Gifts for Under $50:

1.  Gym Boss Interval Timer- This is by far the BeyondFit coaches most used fitness tool.  High intensity interval training is all the rage right now, and for fat loss, it simply can’t be beat.   We love using interval timers because it gets you out of just counting reps and helps you focus on pushing hard and getting the most out of your workout.  With an interval timer you can program the number of sets, rest period, intervals and overall workout time.  All of our coaches use a Gym Boss Interval Timer– not just for Bikini Boot Camp workouts, but for our own personal workouts as well!  They ROCK! And they’re just $20. Plus it also vibrates, so you can use it while listening to your favorite tunes.

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

2.  Homemade Guilt Free Hot Cocoa Snowman-  Ok, so I saw the Hot cocoa snowman idea on Pinterest and thought it (with a few little tweaks) would make an adorable gift for fat loss lifestylers everywhere.  Here are the switches I’d make before putting this snowman cutie under the tree:  Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Stevia in the Raw (yep- totally looks like snow) = super cute, fat loss friendly, homemade holiday gift!

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

3.  Moving Comfort Sports Bra- Momma moment of truth:  I never really had to worry about sports bras.  I went for style over functionality every time.  THEN I started breastfeeding… jumping jacks and high knees would be the death of me if I didn’t have some support.  That’s why I love Moving Comfort sports bras.  They’re SUPER cute AND they’re functional. Designed for high-impact sports, these bras provide optimum fit and comfort performance while still giving us the cute factor.  🙂  Love them!

4.  A Good Fitness Read-  All of our BeyondFit coaches own a copy of and recommend The Metabolic Effect Diet Book to our clients.  It does a fabulous job of explaining the concept of hormonal fat loss training & nutrition in a way that’s both easy to understand and easy to implement!  A great starting point for hormonal fat loss enthusiasts everywhere!  And Amazon now offers the Kindle edition- SWEET! 🙂  If you already have that book and are looking for a new read, one of my good friends, and the co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Dr. Jade Teta recently teamed up with fat loss expert, Dr. Ray Hinish of The Cut the Fat Podcast, to bring a comprehensive report on all things belly fat.  If you’re looking to learn more about belly fat, Beat Your Belly Fat is the gift for you!  From training to nutrition to sleep, you’ll find all the info you need here!

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

5.  About Time Whey-  When it comes to living the fat loss lifestyle, finding a quality, clean protein is a must!  There are plenty of options out there, but one of our personal favorites is About Time Whey.  With lots of delicious flavors (hello birthday cake & cinnamon swirl) and no chalky aftertaste, you can’t go wrong. No artificial ingredients… Just a clean, natural whey protein supplement, and personally, I love that it’s sweetened with stevia.  We love ours mixed with water, unsweetened almond milk, in oat bran, and more!   As a bonus, I talked to my friend Devenee from About Time Whey, and she has given our BeyondFit family a pretty sweet deal: enter the promo code “Buludays” for 25% the 2lb units!

6.  BeyondFit Trainer’s Tees & Tanks- We may be biased, but we think these are the BEST dri-fit tees & tanks on the planet.  All of our Bikini Boot Campers rave about the BeyondFit Trainer’s Tees & Tanks! And for a limited time, we’ve decided to make them available to our ENTIRE BeyondFit so you can take on your holiday workouts in maximum comfort (and style).  Plus, if you order the trainer’s tee, you’ll have a friendly reminder from your coaches… printed on right the back: “When it doubt, go workout!”  🙂

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

7.  Vega Sport Protein– If you have have any dairy sensitivities are a looking to transition away from a whey based protein, Vega sport is the brand I recommend to all of my Clients.  Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the vanilla (just being honest) but the chocolate is GREAT!  Vega Sport Protein Powder is a plant-based protein blend, featuring 5,500mg of BCAAs and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving. Plus is has <1g of sugar!  If you don’t want to buy the large tub, I love the box of 12 singles- great to through in a gym bag and mix on the go (and super cute as a fitness buff’s stocking stuffer).

8.  15 Favorite Recipes EBook- I love to ask women what their biggest at loss struggles are.  Not surprisingly, the #1 and #2 most received responses for what is challenging for women when it comes to fat loss is “No time” and “Diet food tastes bland.”  As a result of this struggle, we came up with a series of quick & easy recipes that are perfect for your waistline and your tastebuds. I recently took some of our favorite quick & easy recipes and put them in an ebook for my clients, and we wanted the opportunity to offer our ENTIRE BeyondFit family the ebook as well, at a steeply discounted cost by clicking the 15 Favorite Recipes EBook link here.

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

9.  LuLuLemon- Hi, I’m Kate… and I’m a lulu addict.  From super comfy scuba hoodies to some of the CUTEST tanks on the planet, I basically love every single product they put out.  My sweet husband doesn’t understand how I can spend “this much” on workout clothes, but I have to tell you- they last forever, they wash up well, and they’re the most comfortable gym clothes I’ve ever owned.  To keep in line with our budget-friendly fitness buys, check out the Cool Razorback Tank or some of the LuLuLemon accessories- super cute headbands, hats, scarves and more!

10.  Gym Gems- One of my favorite fitness accessories is my “Gym Gem.”  I actually got it as a gift last Christmas and don’t think I’ve taken it off much since then.  I have the 45lb weight plate toggle necklace, but I’m thinking I may want to add the sterling dumbbell to my collection as well (hint, hint) ;).   Fran, the creator of Gym Gems, is fabulous.  When I told her we were looking for gifts under $50, she hooked the BeyondFit sisters up and created a $10 off coupon code just for our ladies: BEYONDFIT10. Anyone who uses this code will also get an 18″ leather neck cord for free (it’s automatic, no need to order).

10 Fitness Gifts (For Women) For Under $50

P.S.  Another super quick & easy fitness gift option…. a BeyondFit Gift Certificate!  Give to a friend or to yourself- here’s a simple way to give the gift of health this holiday season!

After purchasing, your BeyondFit Gift Certificate can be emailed to your recipient on the date of your choice, or you can print it to give in person during your special celebration.  And here’s the great news:  you don’t have to be local!  We have programs for both ONLINE training and nutrition coaching, and our Beyond Baby program that is launching January 1st!  WOOT WOOT!