{Fitness Tips} Insulin Resistance: Part 3

Hopefully you read part 1 or part 2 of this series! Although, if you did, you may find it tempting to think that if high levels of insulin result in insulin resistance, and insulin resistance is bad, than the lower your insulin levels, the better, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t prove that simple. But reading part 3 should help you with the fight against insulin resistance.


Part 3: How to Combat Insulin Resistance




The goal for women who struggle with insulin resistance is NOT simply to lower their insulin levels all together. But RATHER to increase their body’s sensitivity to insulin once again.   

Your body needs the hormone insulin in order to feed your cells. Insulin also provides conduit for the essential amino acids to get into tissues to provide fuel for muscle growth.  For optimal fat loss, you need enough insulin to build muscle, but not so much as to store fat.

Improving insulin sensitivity is a process where the body becomes more sensitive to insulin, allowing the metabolism to begin to function normally (making fat loss a whole lot easier). 

It isn’t a complicated process, but it can take some time to learn how to do it. And then practice to make it a habit!

The 3 R’s of Overcoming Insulin Resistance:


First, cortisol is a stress hormone intensifies insulin resistance. With insulin resistance, your body works harder than most just to maintain balance. With blood sugar and blood fat levels all over the place, the extremely stressed body of an insulin resistant woman works overtime. Add to this decreased uptake of fuel for the cells, likely deficiencies in important vitamins and minerals, and overall metabolic stress, and you find that an insulin resistant woman, whether she consciously feels it or not,  feels simply worn out. This makes REST (through the form of sleep as well as low intensity, leisurely activities like walking and yoga) key as it serves to lower cortisol and help maintain metabolic balance.



Secondly, by engaging in resistance training, IR women are able to increase their glucose transporters without the need for insulin.  A recent study on individuals who had diabetes or were prediabetic tested the effects of six months of resistance training on diabetes symptoms and risks. Participants had an average waist circumference decrease of two centimeters! They also improved on agility and strength assessments. Researchers suggest training is a critical component in insulin resistance or diabetes management and quality of life.



Last, refuel your cells with quality nutrition. Women who are resistant to insulin should look for ways to lower the impact of insulin in the body.  How?  Focus on lean protein and filling up on fibrous veggies, which will keep you feeling fuller longer and will help to balance blood sugar.  The worst thing an insulin resistant woman can do is to fill up on starch and fat.

If you want to live a long, healthy, happy life- and want to burn some fat in the process- pay attention to the hormone insulin.

Controlling your insulin levels is THE MOST powerful fat loss and anti-aging strategy you can implement, and understanding insulin is a crucial part of the health, fitness and fat loss lifestyle for moms.




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