Healthy Gas Station Snacks for Your Road Trip

Local gas stations and convenience stores are often known for their junk food. Stocked with chips, pretzels, cookies, candy, and other diet-wrecking snacks.

But the truth is that traveling doesn’t have to be the death of your diet.   

If you’re on the road and desperate for some fuel, here are some healthy gas station snacks for your road trip!

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Try these healthy gas station snacks next time you’re on the go:


FRUIT: Fruit is available in a few different forms in most gas stations. Fresh fruit is always your best choice, as it’s packed with nutrients, and vitamins as well as both fiber and water to help you stay fuller longer. It’s easy to eat on-the-go, and for some extra protein, pair with nuts or almond butter packs. If fresh fruit is not one of the options available to you, opt for a fruit cup, dried fruit, or fruit crisps. Just make sure to check the ingredients for any unwanted hidden added sugars.

BEEF JERKY: If you’re craving something salty, this is a perfect snack. It’s packed with protein and low in carbohydrates, so it won’t raise your blood sugar levels and insulin levels. If you can, look for a brand without nitrates or chemicals and excessive sodium. Choosing a low sodium option will prevent you from retaining water and feeling bloated for your trip.

GREEK YOGURT: Head to the refrigerated section that’s stocked with cold snacks to grab and go. You won’t find this everywhere, but in many stores you’ll find Greek yogurt. This is a perfect protein-packed snack to keep you feeling full. Just be sure to watch out for added sugars. Look for plain greek yogurt when possible.

STRING CHEESE: Another great option often found in the refrigerated section is string cheese. With lots of protein and calcium, this easy to grab snack is a great find. Look for low-fat mozzarella or Monterey Jack to get the biggest protein punch.

PORK RINDS: It sounds crazy, but pork rinds are actually a great alternative to the carb-filled bags of potato chips and pretzels that are so common at gas stations. If you’re looking for something to snack on that’s crunchy and salty but want to stick to a higher-protein, lower-carb diet, this is a good option.

TRAIL MIX: Trail mix can be a great healthy snack if you choose wisely. Watch out for unwanted add-ins and sugars. Look for a trail mix consisting of nuts and dried fruit alone without the added chocolate. And if you can, take advantage of a portion controlled package. The fat and calories in trail mix can add up quickly!

ALMOND BUTTER PACKS: With simple ingredients of just almonds and salt, these travel packs are a great way to get all the nutritional benefits of almonds, like protein and healthy fat. It’s easy to grab these and eat directly from the squeeze packs or pair with an apple for a complete snack.

ALMONDS: Speaking of almonds, if you can’t find the almond butter packs, look for a simple bag of unsalted almonds. This is a heart-healthy option that can be found at almost all convenience stores. Look for whole, raw almonds or dry roasted almonds if they’re available.

PISTACHIOS: While you’re looking in the section with the bags of nuts, heart-healthy pistachios are another great gas station snack option. Pistachios are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, and pistachios may help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  

PROTEIN BARS: Protein bars are a great convenient meal or snack for travelers and are are great way to stay healthy on the run or on a road trip. I recently found the new Quest Beyond Cereal Bars (which make healthy eating both delicious and easy) at the checkout counter and I love how convenient it is to be able to get them 24/7 at 7Eleven stores nationwide.


Available flavors: Waffle, Cinnamon Roll & Chocolate.  All of these bars have all the sweet comforting chewy taste of a cereal bar without the added carbs and sugar. They’re packed with 12g protein and only 110 calories and the Quest Beyond Cereal Bars use allulose, which is a rare sugar that’s found in nature in things like figs and raisins. It’s very different than regular sugar. It tastes like regular sugar, but it is virtually calorie-free!

healthy gas station snacks, quest bars, eat healthy while traveling

Quest Beyond Cereal Bars are the perfect, convenient solution for a healthy breakfast bar on the run or a quick and easy grab-and-go healthy gas station snack for your next road trip! 

healthy gas station snacks, quest bars, eat healthy while traveling

Note:  Even if you’re not on a road trip, these Quest Bars are perfect for you and your kids as a quick breakfast or on-the-go snack. Starting your day is more convenient than ever!  

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