Healthy Strawberry Shortcake


My family is so excited that strawberry picking season has started!

One of my favorite memories as a kid was picking fresh strawberries with my family, and then coming home and enjoying homemade strawberry shortcake with my dad.  
The traditional version of shortcake has lots of carbs (hello, sugar and flour) so now that I’m preparing for my upcoming fitness competition, I’ve been testing out a lower carb, healthy strawberry shortcake recipe instead. 
This recipe is packed with protein and fiber and gives the taste of shortcake without all of the carbs. 
You could drop this dough into round shapes to create individual shortcakes, or do what I’ve done and throw it all in a pan. Either way, top with fresh strawberries, a little bit of unsweetened almond milk, or some homemade coconut whipped cream and you’re sure to have a dessert the whole family will love! 


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healthy strawberry shortcake, coconut whipped cream 

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