How to Stay Fit: 6 Summer Solutions

By Kira O’Donnell


Summer, summer, summertime!!!!

I think that most can agree that the winter holiday season brings the most challenges when it comes to staying on track with healthy living and eating but don’t be fooled, summer has its fair share of fit challenges too!

Between vacations, BBQs, parties, hot weather, kids being out of school, etc. it’s hard for many women to stay on track with their health & fitness goals during the summer. That’s why today, I am here to help you prepare to have the most fun and healthiest summer yet with 6 fit summer solutions!


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How to Stay Fit: 6 Summer Solutions


Challenge #1: I can’t leave the kids home alone while I go outside for my sprints.

Solution: Bring them along! If they are stroller age then strap ‘em in and go! If they are a little older have relay races.

Depending on how many people you have you can make teams and have a race or you can make a game out of it and time them and see who runs the fastest. You can even get fancy and make a baton out of a paper towel roll!


Challenge #2: It is just too hot!!!

Solution: Early morning and early evening are the best times to get your workouts in while the sun is lower in the sky.

Also make sure you have plenty of water with you, maybe even an extra one you can pour over your head afterwards to cool off!


Challenge #3: I’m addicted to all of the frosty treats in my freezer!

Solution: Try one of these guilt free homemade treats that the kids (and you) will love:


Challenge #4: I can’t get my 30 minute fat loss workout in without my kids interrupting me!


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Solution: Let them join in on the fun! Let them hold the timer for you and be your  “coach.”  When you are doing your minute of cardio let them jump around too.

You can make fun names for the exercises. I like to call squat jumps “hopping like a frog.”

If you are local, check out Bikini Boot Camp! For the summer months we are offering our 8:30 MWF class outside at a park so the kids can play while you sweat. Not local? That’s ok, join us ONLINE for quick fat burning workouts that you can download, print and do from home!


Challenge #5: We travel a lot or spend most days at the beach!

Solution for workouts: No weights, no problem. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and various core exercises only need your body weight. Not to mention burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, plyo lunges to get your heart rate up.

While you are waiting in line at an amusement park do some squats. Lunge down the hallway of your hotel room or by the water at the beach. Designate a few times a day when the whole family stops to do a minute of squat jumps.

Leisure walks are always free, family friendly, and can be done pretty much anywhere. And let me tell you that beach sprints are AWESOME!!! Remember, fat loss can happen anywhere.

Solution for food: Plan ahead! Pack as much as you can with you, meals and snacks. I never leave home without my gallon of water and a thermal bag full of fat loss friendly foods. You will be less tempted to spend your money on junk food if you are well prepared.


Challenge #6: I go to so many BBQs and can’t see past the burgers and chips.

Solution: Ditch the buns and use lettuce as a wrap. Check out this fat loss friendly burger. Skip the chips and other carbs and stick to your protein and high fiber veggie choices.

Personally, when I go to a party I like to bring a healthy dish so that I know there will be at least one thing there that will be good for me. There are tons of great recipes right here for you!

Another big tip to remember is stay hydrated with water and say no thanks to the soda or other sugary drinks.


stay fit


Hopefully these solutions will help you achieve and maintain your healthy lifestyle this summer.

Planning is KEY! Take some time and think about what you will do.

Write it down and make a schedule. Get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to your workouts. Commit to doing the very best that you can do in the eating department. Like we always say, “Fail to plan, plan to fail!” Here’s to a safe, happy, and healthy summer!!!

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