It’s True; New Moms Can Manage Fitness, Too

You have more reason for getting back on the fitness train after giving birth than at any other time. This is a prime opportunity to tone your tummy and get back into the habits which slipped during pregnancy. The trouble is that, with a newborn, getting into a fitness routine can seem impossible. How can you make time to work out when you’re caring for a new baby?

In reality, this isn’t as impossible as you might imagine. What’s more; the longer you leave it, the harder it’ll be to get going again. And, the harder that is, the less chance you have of losing excess baby weight and getting back where you were.

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That’s why you should consider workout options which include your baby. This allows you to get fit while having quality time. It’s the ideal solution, and one you could benefit from committing to. Bear in mind that you do need to make some considerations to keep your baby safe. Make sure that they’re supported throughout. Think, too, about stocking up on diapers for sensitive skin which won’t cause friction. Once you tackle that, though, there’s no reason why you can’t get fit with the following baby-safe options.

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Speedy stroller walks

Taking your baby out for regular walks is essential. It ensures that they’re exposed to a variety of germs and environments. Even better it keeps them entertained and soothes them if they’re upset. But, have you ever thought about going on speedy stroller walks which keep you fit, too? This poses no risk for your little one as they’re safe inside the stroller. But, it can help you to build up stamina and work those muscles again. By doing lunges and using the stroller for support, you can even tone those lax tummy muscles.

Baby dancing

Every new parent loves to dance with their baby, and this could also be a beneficial time for fitness. Dancing is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. It can also exercise muscles which you don’t use otherwise. Bear in mind that you would be best off putting your baby in a front carrier and avoiding bouncing. Still, you can get a pretty decent workout in this way. If you want to get a little more vigorous, put your baby in a bouncer and dance around them instead. This can keep them entertained, while also ensuring that you reach your workout quota for the day.

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Baby curls

When your baby can support themselves, you could also embark on curl-ups with them in tow. Curl-ups are fantastic for toning up the tummy and strengthening back muscles. And, all you need to do to make this work with a newborn is put your baby just above your pelvic bone. This is a fantastic position for parent-child bonding as it allows you to get close. And, by holding your baby as you curl, you can give them a fun ride while you get fit. It’s a fantastic exercise which, as you can see, everyone will enjoy.

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