4 Postpartum Fat-loss Mistakes you Must STOP Making

By Kate Horney

Unfortunately, mainstream media and fitness experts don’t understand how to communicate with new moms about fat-loss, nutrition and fitness.

I see so many new moms making some really big postpartum fat-loss mistakes without even knowing it. That’s why I created the Beyond Baby 12 week Postpartum Fat-loss System. It is based on the single most important thing to moms like you and me: postpartum fat-loss that’s easy and sustainable!

After I had my little guy Jackson, I felt miserable about my post-baby body at a time when I wanted to feel so happy! Tell me I’m not the only one who has felt this way? I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be like this…and the solution is so simple, it’s almost funny!


postpartum fat-loss mistakes


Being a mom does not mean settling for a life of frustration and exhaustion.

You can get your body, your energy and your confidence back…all it takes is 12 WEEKS. I know, because I did it.

Indulge yourself in a delicious fantasy for a moment (close your eyes if you like). Imagine yourself with your perfect body. How does your stomach feel to the touch? What is it like to pull on your favorite pants? What does your hair look and feel like? How do your thighs look in a full-length mirror? What do you look like from behind in photos? And how do you feel, knowing you look great and feel wonderful, with plenty of energy to lavish on your kids even at the end of the day?

Hold that image, those thoughts and sensations. Now imagine you could get that body, and the energy and motivation all moms need – in LESS THAN 3 HOURS per week!

I think you’re ready. It’s time to finally get that body. Are you with me?


4 Postpartum Fat-loss Mistakes you Must STOP Making


Mistake #1: Crunches Will Flatten My Tummy

Truth: Don’t listen to the magazines, websites or uniformed trainers that tell you 1000s of crunches get flat abs. I didn’t do a single crunch after I had my son Jackson, yet I got a 6 pack within 6 months postpartum! I’ll tell you all the exercises I did do. Not one of them was a crunch!

The Beyond Baby Solution: For specific tummy flattening core training exercises and exclusive circuit workouts designed to maximize results, check out Beyond Baby.


Mistake #2: Cutting “White Carbs” is the Answer

Truth: Somehow the media has convinced us that the only way to lose fat is to cut carbs. It’s a lie. Your body needs carbs for energy. The trick is reducing (not eliminating) starch while learning the secrets of carbohydrate meal timing for optimal postpartum fat-loss. Low carbs is a recipe for disaster (hello, grouchy mom with zero energy!)

The Beyond Baby Solution: For examples of optimal meal timing with grains, starches, and other carbohydrates, check out the postpartum fat loss nutrition plans in the Beyond Baby portal.


Mistake #3: Postpartum Fat-loss is All About Eating Fewer Calories

Truth: Starving your body just detours your progress. The truth is that you don’t have to track calories or count points-what mom has time for that? The quality, not just the quantity, of your calories makes a significant difference to your body’s ability to lose fat.

The Beyond Baby Solution: For a detailed nutrition plan including serving sizes and an extensive list of postpartum fat-loss friendly proteins, fats, and carbs, check out Beyond Baby! I have everything you need to begin eating quality foods that will balance hunger, manage cravings, and boost energy.


Mistake #4: Exercising MORE Will Help Me Lose MORE

Truth: Busy moms just don’t have time to spend hours in the gym. Moms need to work out smarter, not longer. The key lies in exercise efficiency.

The Beyond Baby Solution: For 12 weeks of fast, efficient rest-based training workouts designed specifically for female postpartum fat loss, check out Beyond Baby. All you need is a set of dumbbells and a mat!

You can do it. And the best part? All it takes is less than 3 HOURS per week.

Beyond Baby is a simple 3-phase system to help you transform your body in 12 short weeks. Our real life approach combines exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Why? Because the combination of this magic trinity far surpasses what any one of them could produce on their own. Better yet, you’ll learn something invaluable: knowing how to live the fat-loss lifestyle and step off the weight-loss roller coaster – for good!

Getting a BEYOND BABY body is about strategy, science and simplicity.


postpartum fat-loss mistakes


I’m a fitness professional and a postpartum fat-loss expert. I use personal training and nutrition coaching to teach moms all over the world about reshaping their bodies. My new and exclusive 12 Week Postpartum Fat-loss System combines BOTH!

My 12 week Beyond Baby Online System teaches you how to live your postpartum fat loss lifestyle one step at a time. I designed the system to give you a complete toolkit for success.

You’ll even learn the secrets about balancing your metabolic hormones and teaching your body to burn fat while you rest.

I tell you what to do, how to do it and even when to do it. No guesswork, no ifs or buts or maybes. Just a tried-and-tested BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS.

Yes! I want to firm my belly, lose my pooch and shrink my waist!
Yes! I want to build lean, toned muscle in my arms, legs and booty!
Yes! I want to finally learn how to balance my hunger and cravings!
Yes! I want to have increased energy all day long!
Yes! I want to regain my confidence and feel happy and healthy again!
Yes! I want to lose 10-25 pounds in 12 weeks!
Yes! I want to go Beyond Baby!

Are you in?

With your drive, my support and the information and resources I’ll give you, there’s only one outcome! SUCCESS!


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