Q & A: What’s the Best Protein Bar?

By Kate Horney

As a busy new mom, sometimes I honestly just don’t have TIME to spend prepping meals in the kitchen.  Some days I’m lucky to get a shower… let alone time 30-40 minutes to prepare a meal.

On days that I’m running errands, in a rush, or just need a quick grab & go meal or snack option, my “emergency” stocks of protein bars (in my pantry, purse, and yes, even my car!) are life savers.

Not all protein bars are created equally, though.  In fact, some bars have just as much sugar (or even more!) than a candy bar.

Here’s a quick way to find a fat loss friendly protein bar…

For fat loss, our first priority is to limit carbohydrates.  But the key here is that we are concerned with hormonal carbohydrates (sugar, starch, etc) rather than total carbs.  The carbohydrates that come from fiber help keep us full and actually impact hunger in a positive way, so when you’re looking at the carbohydrates, we use the label reading tool (from my friends at Metabolic Effect)…

3 Steps to Find a Fat Loss Friendly Protein Bar:

  1. Find the Total Carbohydrate grams.
  2. Subtract any fiber grams.
  3. Subtract total protein grams.

The number you are left should be low.  For fat loss, the lower the better.  Negative numbers are best. 🙂

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