Protein Coffee

By Kate Horney

At last, two of my favorite things (PROTEIN +  COFFEE) have come together in one delicious drink. 

coffee meme 2By now you know the benefits of protein for women.  You also know why I switched protein powders (click here for more on that + the newest supplement research).  So when I saw that PEScience recently announced that they’d be releasing the Select Protein Cafe Series, I knew that I had to get on board.  

(And try EVERY SINGLE ONE of the flavors, hello!)coffee meme 4

The protein coffee (Select Cafe Series) officially released TODAY but I got the privilege of doing an exclusive taste test ahead of time and OH.MY.GOODNESS.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this.  

This all-in-one, low calorie, protein coffee is the perfect way to curb your appetite, keep your energized and promote fat burning all day long. 

It has an amazing coffee-house taste (and seriously, the same consistency as a Starbucks latte) and it’s one of the few protein drinks designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended. 

Basically: this high protein and low sugar protein coffee is a coffee lover’s dream.

Enjoy it iced, blended (frappe style) or classically hot… Perfect as breakfast meal replacement, mid-day pick-me-up snack or pre or post workout performance drink. 

coffee meme 3Anyone who knows me knows that I’m already obsessed with my snickerdoodle one carb waffles and my cookies & cream or frosted chocolate cupcake pwo protein shakes, but this product isn’t just just new flavors of select protein.

It’s a treat of its own — an all new product.

You don’t just shake it up in a shaker and drink it straight like a protein shake. Think of it as coffee with protein, not protein with caffeine. 

It should be prepared like coffee.

Either poured over a cup of ice, blended like a frappe, or mixed with a spoon with hot water. (See below)  And with that little boost of caffeine, it’s perfect for busy moms (Because let’s face it, raising tiny humans is exhausting!)

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • You can use water, milk, or milk substitute. 
  • Three coffee flavors with 100mg natural caffeine per serving, the average amount in a cup of coffee. 
  • It’s a much more affordable option than a barista made coffee, it’s way lower in sugar and fat, and it’s an amazing way to start your day with 20g of protein in your coffee. 
  • They taste amazing.
  • Each bottle is 20 servings, 20g protein from the typical select protein blend, 1-2g fat, 2-3g net carbs


And here’s how to make it….

Protein Coffee

Protein Coffee: Classic Iced

Mix 1 scoop of select cafe protein with 6-8oz of cold water, milk, or milk substitute.  Shake in a shaker cup or stir with a spoon. Pour mixed drink into a cup of ice and enjoy. 

Protein Coffee

Protein Coffee: Frappe Style

Add 1 scoop of select cafe protein to a blender with 4oz of cold water, milk, or milk substitute, and 1 cup of ice cubs.  Blend under desired consistency. 

Protein Coffee

Protein Coffee: Classic Hot

Prepare 6-oz of hot water at your desired temperature. Add hot water to 1 scoop of select cafe protein and mix with a spoon until dissolved. 

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Looking for fitness and nutrition so simple, it works…for life? You’ve got it!