{Recipe} Cinnamon Pumpkin Bars

By Kimberly Hoeltje

I LOVE cinnamon.  Like, seriously! It is so good with so many things! Mixed with yogurt, on a peanut butter sandwich, in oatmeal, on cereal, cinnamon cookies, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake…I could go on and on!! I am even drinking cinnamon roll coffee as we speak!
  What goes great with cinnamon?! Pumpkin!!
These taste amazing!! And in case you had any doubt, they are crazy good for you! You get to have all 6 bars for only 257 calories! The thing is…they are secretly good for you!  Wait til you see the ingredients.
You may be a bit surprised when you see what we are going to use to make these soft, moist, bars of deliciousness.
MTS Pumpkin Pie whey, egg substitute, canned pumpkin, canned white beans, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder, and sweetener of choice.
Of course you don’t need to use pumpkin flavored protein, but it gives these bars that extra “Fall Flavor”.
It depends on the dish you use, but I got 6 good sized bars! Each one is only about 40  calories.
Of course, I eat the whole batch myself! Packed full of protein and fiber, these make a great breakfast!  You might be surprised by how filling they are too.
The chickpeas give them such a great texture and the pumpkin makes them so moist! So in love with these! If you’re feeling crazy, you can top them with a dollop of cream cheese or peanut butter!
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Kim Hoeltje – Wife, Mommy, Baker
30 years old
Pittsburgh PA
New stay at home Mommy who loves baking!! I love creating healthy treats that still taste amazing!! As a vegetarian, I find tasty ways to sneak protein powder into my creations!


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