{Recipe} Pumpkin Chips + Pumpkin Donuts

By GiGi Eats Celebrities


Today I am serving up dehydrated pumpkin chips, or what I like to call CHIPKINS!

It’s time to ditch those nasty cow-juice and additive-laced store bought chips, and MAKE YOUR OWN!


Dehydrating food is flipping PHENOMENAL and no need to worry about losing any of the beneficial health properties of the food (because I KNOW YOU WERE WORRIED!). 

Apparently this cooking process retains almost 100% of the nutritional content of the food and it preserves the alkalinity of fresh produce and actually inhibits the growth of microforms such as bacteria!


Hey-oh! Who’s running out to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a dehydrating gizmo now?


But hold it right there! You don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a crazy contraption… You can utilize what you already have… YOUR OVEN!


Pumpkin Chips + BONUS Pumpkin Donuts Recipe



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