Recipes Using Healthy BBQ Sauce

Summer is here! That means BBQ season is back! If you’re looking for a fun way to get creative with your BBQ sauce, give these two low carb, high protein recipes a try!  


Mini Turkey Meatloaves with BBQ Sauce


healthy bbq sauce recipe, turkey meatloaf


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BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins with BBQ Sauce


healthy bbq sauce recipes, chicken stuffed sweet potato skins, sweet potato recipe, chicken recipe



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Picky Eater Approved!


healthy bbq sauce recipe, true made food sauce

I can’t tell you enough how much we love these sauces for dipping and marinades.

Each sauce packs a cup of real vegetables into every bottle, drastically reducing the sugar and adding a nutritious punch.

Ketchup with Benefits: True Made Ketchup takes out the corn syrup and adds spinach, carrots and butternut squash instead. All the taste of regular ketchup, but half the sugar of leading brands. Your kids will never know the difference.

A Better BBQ Sauce: True Made BBQ Sauce is the only BBQ Sauce long on nutrition and short on ingredients. It’s vegetable based, made from tomatoes, spinach, carrots and butternut squash. Award winning flavor and half the sugar of leading brands, it’s safe to say: the BBQ is back!

Vegetables + Sriracha = Veracha: The only Paleo and vegetable based hot sauce!??


For picky kids or parents who just want a quick way to squeeze in some extra veggies, we give these two thumbs up!

Bonus: It’s super easy to order True Made Foods Sauces from Amazon!


healthy bbq sauce recipe, true made food sauce



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