Fat Loss Friendly Options at ANY Restaurant

HELP! How do you eat for fat loss at a restaurant?


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As a Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Coach, one of the basic principles I teach my clients from the very beginning is that fat loss happens anywhere and everywhere!

Our goal: meet women where they’re at and give them the tools they need to create sustainable body change, reach their goals and live the fat loss lifestyle.

The point is to make this fat loss lifestyle work for YOU and YOUR individual needs. Whether you eat at Whole Foods or Taco Bell, no judgment here! And when you’re armed with the right tools, whether you’re at a steak house or the local greasy spoon, you equip yourself to make fat loss happen ANYWHERE!

Instead of chalking up a Mexican restaurant date to a hopeless amount of calories and just chowing down on three baskets of chips (I’m a sucker for the chips, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve done this a time or two), instead, stop and refocus.


fit moms, fat loss for moms, restaurant

Seriously. I love chips and salsa?


Watch the video above for fat loss tips at ANY restaurant!

  • Fast Food: Salad or a sandwich or burger, just toss the bun/bread.
  • Mexican: Burrito bowls or taco salad without rice, beans or chips. Fajitas without tortillas, rice or beans.
  • Italian: Salads with chicken on top. Avoid pastas. Skip bread. Chicken dishes without the cheese and veggies on side.
  • Steak house: Steak and vegetables.
  • Asian: Stir fry veggies and meat (think chicken without the breading) without the rice.


Remind yourself that knowing how to eat out for fat loss means knowing how to eat for convenience…wherever you are!

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