Beauty Trains Like a Beast

By Kate Horney


Beauty and the Beast isn’t just for fairytales. BeyondFit is all about finding your inner beauty and your beastly strengthBoosting your fitness and learning what it takes to live the fat-loss lifestyle takes commitment and consistency. Beauty MUST train like a Beast. At BeyondFit Life, we like to call it #BeastMode.

If you’re in a plateau or want to take your fitness to the next level, here are:


6 Tips to Train Like a Beast!


1. HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training): BeyondFit Life was built around HIIT workouts. Our workouts are designed with busy moms in mind. They combine weight training and cardio to give you MORE results in LESS time. Our BeyondFit Beauties go hard and they go heavy into full on #BeastMode! Read more on the science and effectiveness of these fat burning workouts.

2. Pre-Workouts: If motivation is even slightly a problem, and regular coffee isn’t giving you the pre workout energy that you need, then a pre-workout energy drink is a great solution and gives you that needed boost. You can read more on the benefits of pre-workouts here. My personal favorite are PEScience’s High Volume or Prolific. If you want a pre workout without caffeine, high volume is the best. And if you want that extra little boost, I definitely recommend prolific. Don’t forget to use code BEYONDFIT for 30% off.

3. The Right Protein Powder: When it comes to living the fat-loss lifestyle, finding a quality, great tasting protein powder is a must! There are plenty of options out there, but one of my personal favorites is made by PEScience. With lots of delicious flavors (hello snickerdoodle and frosted chocolate cupcake) and no chalky aftertaste, you can’t go wrong. See why I switched protein powders. Visit and use the code BEYONDFIT at checkout to get 30% off of your entire purchase! 

4. Workout Playlist: The quickest way to get into #BeastMode is to switch up your workout music! I am a music junkie. And even more importantly – I am a diverse music junkie. Like many of my sweat-searching BeyondFit Beauties, I use music to help get through a workout. Without the right music, my workout suffers. 

5. Foam Rolling: The uncomfortable sensation of an overly tight or overused muscle can be caused by knotted and tight fascia (your bodies connective tissue). When fascia is damaged, either due to lack of flexibility training or overuse, it can cause multiple problems such as muscle spasms, headache, numbness and even further reduced muscle flexibility. Self myofascial release with a foam roller is a technique you can use daily that will help you work out those tight areas; providing better muscle elasticity and higher performance. I definitely SOUND like a beast when I’m rolling out my muscles! Click HERE for six simple lower body foam rolling moves that you can incorporate into your exercise routine. Try and do these moves at least 3 times/week; preferably after exercise when your muscles are warm.

6. Support & Accountability: You know I couldn’t end without mentioning this. I love our BeyondFit sisters more than words can express. If you want to stay on track with your goals, you’ll need some support and accountability. Having a support system will increase your chances for success, AND you’ll have more fun. There will be times when you don’t feel like working out and a partner can be just the motivation you need to get going. Need a support system? Join the BeyondFit Life Club to connect with like minded women from across the globe!   

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beauty trains like a beast, beast mode

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