Winter Workout: Total Body Fat Burn

By Blair Lindler

Although it’s getting colder out and we’re beginning to wear more layers and pack away our swimsuits…

This is the most important time of the year when it comes to staying focused on your workouts. Why?

  1. The holidays are one major component – all the eating/feasting are a sure-fire way to pack on inches quick.
  2. What you do during these months is what you see when it’s bikini time.


So write down some goals, get your mind in gear, and stay motivated, because this is crunch time!

To help you with the workout end of the spectrum, I’ve created a total body winter workout just for you!

Complete this workout 3 times a week to get yourself into fat-burning mode and stay on track for that bikini bod!


  • Dumbbells



  1. 1 minute plank
  2. 30 second side plank (that’s 30 seconds each side ladies!)
  3. 8 walking lunges with dumbbells held straight up
  4. 8 bicep curl/shoulder press combos
  5. 8 walking lunges with dumbbells down by your side
  6. 8 bicep curls while holding a squat
  7. 8 push-ups with 1 arm rows
  8. 8 in & outs


Repeat 3-4 times, resting when you need to

I don’t know about y’all, but I can certainly speak for myself – for once in my life, I want to feel confident and beautiful in my bikini this summer.  

I am not going to let this winter get in the way of meeting that goal…

Here’s to body lines shrinking! (no spray paint needed) 😉

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