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My mission is to help YOU, no matter what stage of life you are in. BeyondFit isn’t a quick fix or the latest workout trend. It’s a program for everyone, no matter where you’re starting. Let me teach you how to eat and train smarter to meet your own personal goals.

And the best part, our programs filled with amazing women (at all stages of life) who are ready to welcome you and encourage you to be the strongest and healthiest version of YOU.

There IS a better way. If you’d like to learn how to do fitness better and create a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle that’s sustainable, come join us and let me teach you the BeyondFit Life way!

Choose the best program below that will help you meet your own personal goals. Many women start with one program and often progress to others depending on their life stage.

Not sure which program is right for you? Contact me at


BeyondFit Life Club

Looking for fitness and nutrition so simple, it works…for life? You’ve got it! BeyondFit workouts are no more than 30 minutes, three times a week and include periodic metabolic training, leisurely walks and rest/recovery days. Yes, it’s really that simple. It’s not about overtraining or hours at the gym, it’s about learning how to do fitness better!

Monthly online membership and packages available.

Beyond Baby

Beyond Baby is a 12 week postpartum, fat-loss program that will help you safely rebuild your strength and get your body back without lowering your milk supply. I’ll reveal how busy Moms like you CAN burn fat in less than 3 hours per week. I did it. Now it’s your turn.

Basic and advanced packages available.

Mom Tummy Rehab

12 week program designed for moms in any stage, to get rid of their Mom Tummy! Three phases of workouts designed to heal and rebuild your abdominal muscles. Just 5 minutes a day to a flatter stomach.


1:1 Nutrition Coaching

As a female fat loss expert, I am trained to work with and teach clients from the fit, frail, overweight and health challenged ALL to achieve their fat loss goals. As your coach, I will create a customized macronutrient based diet that fits around your schedule, is easy for you to follow and will help you reach your goals.  

Food is information to the body. Every time you eat you have the opportunity to burn fat or store fat. Your hormonal fat loss nutrition plan will focus on the unique hormonal effects of food. 

Work with me at any level, and I’ll guide you through ongoing, sustainable fat loss and teach you how to shop, cook, and eat for the physique you need, AND how to manage your mindset. Together, we can live the fat-loss lifestyle. And you know what? It’s enjoyable!


Join us, and uncover the tools you need to create lasting body change and reach your goals. Some of them may surprise you!

The BeyondFit Mom programs have one central theme: promoting optimal health for every woman. I’m a mom to two lively little boys; I can’t afford for my diet or my training to leave me feeling anything but energized, happy, and positive! We specialize in female-specific fat loss, because we know that women really do need different tools to create lasting body change: hormonally, psychologically, and nutritionally. Everything you’ll get with the BeyondFit Mom program has been tested and tweaked, and is proven to get YOU the results YOU crave.

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