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Exercise Efficiency: More for Less

By Kate Horney Want fat loss results without spending hours at the gym?  It sounds like a cheesy infomercial, but it’s true, when you begin to use intelligent exercise, you can transform your body and create lasting change in just 30 minutes or less, and no, you don’t have to pay $19.99 plus S & H! The key is exercise efficiency–getting MORE for LESS–and the workouts of choice ...[Read More]

The Ultimate (Forgotten) Fat Loss Weapon

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Want to lose belly fat fast? Searching for ways to shape up, slim down, and get the body you’ve always wanted? All you have to do is log in to your favorite social networking site and you’ll undoubtedly be bombarded with countless fat loss tips and tricks… But can I let you in on a little secret?   That’s right. Nothing will WORK unless you do.  Even the best fat los ...[Read More]

4 Fat Loss Friendly Grill Recipes!

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By Kate Horney   It’s that time of the year when the scent of grilled dinners wafts through the neighborhoods and beaches across the country. Summer isn’t just about incredible salads…it’s also about some hearty meats on the grill! (And yes, even a little grilled dessert…!)     You can’t go wrong with a fat loss friendly burger…but if you’re in the mood for somethin ...[Read More]

3 Tips to Improve Your Workout

By Kate Horney Every busy woman wants to know… what’s the BEST workout for fat loss? 3 tips to improve your workouts & start getting the results you want: 1) Join a group (SUPPORT) Unless you’re brand new to working out, the days of individual training are out.  Group training- whether locally or online- is much less expensive and allows you to have the accountability an ...[Read More]

Success Story: Doctors are Shocked!

I love this story from Nutrition Coaching client & now Bikini Boot Camper, Jane Grubb. When Jane (a grandma of 14 grandchildren!) and I started working together last year, she had high blood pressure, was overweight, tired, on countless medications, and was ready to make a change. As she puts it, she was eating nothing but salads and protein shakes and was desperately trying to lose weight- bu ...[Read More]