10 Surprisingly Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

By Kate Horney


For years, nutritional experts have preached that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While personally, I think ALL meals are important (and actually, breakfast may not be THE MOST IMPORTANT) I do agree that breakfast matters. If you want to learn the fat loss lifestyle then you need to learn that meals are not mutually exclusive but are dependent on one another. What you eat at one meal directly impacts how much you eat and what you choose to eat at your next meal.


A healthy breakfast starts your day off right!


Studies show that people who eat inappropriate food for breakfast or skip breakfast, have problems with hunger, energy, metabolism, concentration and according to research, are more likely to gain or have trouble losing weight.


When I talked to moms about WHY they struggle with eating a healthy breakfast, the #1 and #2 biggest challenges I heard were: “No time” and “healthy breakfast food tastes bland.”


When I first started out on my fat loss journey years ago, I found the same things were true. How can you achieve your goals and make a healthy, fat loss friendly breakfast more appetizing (let’s face it, you can only eat boring egg whites & plain old oats for so long) without spending all morning cooking? What busy mom has time for THAT?


If you can relate to these struggles, here are some quick & easy recipes to help you out…


easy healthy breakfast1.  Sweet Potato Protein Muffins

2.  Healthy Baked Donuts

3.  Raspberry Crepes

4.  French Toast Eggs


easy healthy breakfast


5.  Bacon Egg Cups

6.  Pumpkin & Berry Power Smoothie

7.  Chocolate Protein Crepe


easy healthy breakfast

8.  Chocolate Protein Waffles

9.  Protein Oat Cookies



10. Peanut Butter Blueberry Banana Pancakes



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